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Offseason Community Tailored Exercise from the Twins Daily 2013 Offseason Handbook

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Twins Offseason:

After reading 4 different offseason scenarios in the Twins offseason handbook I decided to throw out my offseason thoughts and see what you all think and start a thread where everyone can post their thoughts and offseason plans and come up with a Twinsdaily.com reader consensus. In the Book they used 90 million to budget the team I am going with 90-95 million as I think the Twins will allow a little breathing room in the budget to go up a little.

The number 1 fix for the team is the rotation. How do we go about fixing it? The Twins have mentioned targeting 3 starting pitchers this offseason. Everyone seems to be in agreement that we all want Scott Baker back at a reduced rate. I read 1 year 3 million with an option. I am going to go with 1 year 4 million base,and a 200k incentive for every 10 innings over 100 innings pitched. That should give him an opportunity to make 5 million next year and the option for 8 to 12 million is fine by me.

It appears that the 2 best matchups for a Span trade include Atlanta with all that SP and Cincinnati who is looking for a lead off hitting OF. I am going to go with a Span for Hanson trade straight up. I don’t know what to expect his salary to be next year. I am going to guess between 3.5 million and 5 million.

The third starting pitcher can come from FA. TheTwins need to sign a good free agent starter for several reasons. One is because we really need SP and the other is the fans have been asking for years for management to make a big splash in FA. I think Twins fans want a major FA signing so much that it would have a bigger impact on season ticket holder retention then the all star game (Maybe). This fills that psychological need, rotation hole, and sells season tickets. So the 20-50 million dollar question is which pitcher to sign and for how much. Greinke is one of the few pitchers that I feel comfortable with them giving a 5 year 90 million contract too, but I know that’sjust dreaming big so let’s try either Ervin Santana on a 2 year 17-20 million contract or Edwin Jackson on a 3 year 36-39 million or 4 year 48-50 millionmax. Annibal Sanchez is my third choice of FA pitchers that are possible to sign this offseason. I am going with Jackson, but don’t be surprised to see a Santana in the Twins rotation. Note Santana would keep me from going overbudget by a smidge too. These are also high strikeout and good velocity picks.

That fixes the rotation now on to the next priority the bullpen. The Twins are going to want a power arm in the bullpen next year. I am glad Bill Smith isn’t here as I see Arizona has 2 closers next year and we have a Parmelee. Hopefully he doesn’t get traded for Putz and his 1 year 6.5 million contract as a closer next year. Here is where the Twins can continue to do what they did last year and go cheap and with quantity and bring in several options to compete for a bullpen spot. I would love to see the Twins bring back Latroy Hawkins as a middle reliever/ set up man on a 1 year 2-3 million contract though. He is the type of arm the Twins would look for to fortify the bullpen there are numerous other options for a “established”reliever too. Question is does TerryRyan want to invest that much money there. That is one spot covered. If Terry Ryan wants more depth I suspect it will come from minor signings and waiver pickups to compete in spring training.

The next fix will be the lineup. I do not see the Twins trading Morneau nor do I see him leaving as a free agent after next season either. Parmalee should be kept as 1B insurance and RF starter for next season and let the competition play out as who stays at 1B next offseason. If Parmalee establishes himself next year he would be great trade bait for a SS when the time comes if Morneau gets extended as I believe he will if healthy. Span and Revere are redundant and whichever one Atlanta is willing to trade for a starting pitcher is the one that should be dealt. Span is a great guy and I hate to see him go. Now that I have stated my observations about the offense let’s get moving along.

RF is Parmelee’s until Arcia or Hicks can wrangle it away from him. That will also satisfy the teams need for more power in the lineup. Trading Span or Revere will get rid of the lineup 1 of the 4 “Piranha’s” we currently have in the lineup.

The next step I would take would solve several problems with 1 swoop. Terry Ryan has gone on record as saying he is concerned about Plouffe’s defense at 3b and Gardenhire likes the idea of a 3rd string C available. Let’s get both and be cheap about it. We could sign Inge to a 1 year 1-2 million deal to back up 3B and 3rd C and I think he can play a little at 2b too if he goes on a streak and no one wins that spot outright. Inge plays good defense and used to be a Catcher. He is not someone to rely on out there but I think he could handle 100 innings or so as the 3rd string guy.

Bench bat: If theTwins desire a bench bat for next year then there are a couple out there: Thome might be an option if he waits till late in the offseason and thinks these moves will get us to the post season, Or the player I am going with is Johnny Gomes a RH power hitter that play RF if Parmalee slumps out the gate or Morneau gets hurt. He will be inexpensive 1-2 million and has power which we need.

SS. As much as I would like to see this one addressed, I don’t think they will unless they invite one of the remaining options left on the market to come to spring training as competition, or if one is acquired for Span or Revere. Remember if Parmelee succeeds we have him as a trade chip too note it also gives Profar a chance to get established so we can trade for Andrus at the trade deadline....future Parmelee and ??? for future Andrus anyone?

How much did these moves cost…..
Baker $4 million
Hanson basically a wash in salary commitment
Jackson $13 million
Hawkins $2.5 million
Inge $2 million
Gomes $1.5 million
My math has us in the $94-$96 million ranges with this team. But outside of Middle IF find an area not fully addressed.

CF Revere
2b Carroll
C Mauer
LF Willingham
1B Morneau
DH Doumit
3B Plouffe
RF Parmelee
SS Florimon/ Dozier

3B -C-1B-2B Inge
OF-1B-DH-PH Gomes
OF- Pinch Runner Mastroianni
IF Dozier/ Florimon/ Escobar

Gibson with Hendicks/ DeVries/ and Dedunno ready to go if needed.

Robertson+ competition for last 1 or 2 spots
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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I don't see the Twins putting Parmelee in RF. It decreases their defense even more when Willingham is in left, and he didn't play a single game in RF down in AAA this year. I also see the Twins trading Morneau if they can get a good deal for him, especially with how weak the FA 1B market is this offseason.
  2. Brandon's Avatar
    I saw the Buerhle rumor and think that Parmalee would be at the center of that trade as Florida could use an inexpensive productive 1B.
  3. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Inge - I would love that idea IF he hit left-handed. That's a really good thought.
  4. 3rd Inning Stretch's Avatar
    So on offense we replaced Span with Parmelee, which is a step back in my opinion...and a huge step back defensively.

    Pitching is improved, but not sure you could get Hanson for Willingham, let alone Span. He's young, under team control til 16, almost a K/inning...he's their #1 pitcher.
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