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Peanuts from Heaven

Adopt a Prospect #8: The End of Luis Perdomo

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Admittedly I am several months late in posting and several dollars short in sentiment (being swamped with student essays makes for an all too convenient excuse), but allow me to say the following.

1) Perdomo played fairly well both in the minor leagues and (after a rocky beginning) the majors--albeit during the most inconsequential innings of the most inconsequential games of an inconsequential season.
FINAL STATS: Minors 72.666 IP over 45 Appearances; 1.046 WHIP; 2.7 BB/9; 8.4 K/9; 3.09 K/BB Ratio
FINAL STATS: Majors 17 IP over 15 Appearances, 1.588 WHIP; 6.44 BB/9; 4.2 K/9; .67 K/BB Ratio (This was brought down considerably by a final 6.333 innings with 0 ER, 2 BB and 2 K to finish the year)

2) On Wednesday the Twins removed Perdomo from the 40 Man Roster, cutting him loose to be a minor league free-agent again. While it is not inconceivable that he returns to the team, it would likely NOT be as part of the 40 man roster. I never met the man, and I doubt he knows that this little sphere of the internet exists...but by god it was fun to write about him and for that I'm glad he played the game.

Good night Luis Perdomo--and goodnight to your beard, wherever they are.


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