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2013 Blueprint, Part Four: The Future and Contingencies

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This concludes my 2013 blueprint. So far it has involved adding Edwin Jackson and Shaun Marcum as the two new additions to the team. It also would mean a return of Scott Baker on an incentive-laded deal, giving Anthony Slama a chance, and a wait-and-see approach with Kyle Gibson. In terms of position players, instead of worrying about who to trade, I have argued that having a good PH option for every game is actually a good idea, whether it be (by rotation) Parmelee, Morneau, Mauer, Doumit, Willingham, Span, or Revere. Finally, I have claimed that Chris Herrmann should be with the Twins next season since his ceiling is not as a starting catcher and it doesn't matter anyway with Mauer and Doumit. The Twins might as well just use him now to maximize their roster (his case is different than Hicks and Arcia).

Now, what matters most is the future of the organization, not just what happens in 2013. I do believe that Hicks and Arcia are truly legitimate MLB-soon-to-be-ready players. I also believe that Joe Benson could easily have a bounce-back season at AAA and that means that 3 OF are suddenly big-league ready.

So, trading Span in the offseason is not the end of the world. If that were to happen, Aaron Hicks can be the replacement. Trading Ben Revere, to me, is the best option as I would like to see an OF of Span-Benson-Hicks in the future.

That would also mean trading Josh Willingham, which I would not like to see at all until the 2013 trade deadline at the very earliest. The Twins have a RH power hitter . . . . that is something that cannot be ignored in its utter strangeness. That said, I would probably prefer that Willingham moves to DH after the Morneau era.

With regard to Morneau, there is no way I would bring him back after the 2013 season. Trading him would have been good already, but there is certainly no way he should be around after this coming season.

And that does not have to do simply with Parmelee, but also with Miguel Sano. I believe that the best place for Sano, eventually, is first base. And Sano's development is likely to continue steadily, so that by September 2014, it would make sense to call him up anyway.

With regard to pitching. Marcum and Jackson would be signed for three year deals and would thus be certainly involved with the Twins return to success by 2014 and certainly by 2015. There are no real alternatives over the next few years as the Twins wait for Berrios, Boyd, Salcedo, Summers, and so forth.

The Twins system is now above average again and will only be propelled higher by the 2013 draft and 3 top 70ish picks.

I do have optimism about the franchise and see this time as a good recalibration. Rantz is gone. Plenty of average to incompetent coaches are gone or shifted around. Gardenhire and Anderson are on their last life. The system is being rebuilt and Joe Mauer is still great. 2011 was an injury disaster. 2012 was a starting rotation disaster. 2013 could bring another disaster, but I do doubt it. The future looks bright, especially if, you know, this blueprint is the actual plan . . .
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