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Don't be upset if we land Bryant

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While Most fans (and I am one of them) are hoping the Twins get a power arm with the number 4 pick tonight there is another possibility that is interesting. San Diego 3B Kris Bryant is leading College in HRs. Heck he has more bombs then the majority of college teams. That kind of right handed power is rare in the game right now. Also position players (aside from catcher) carry far less risk then pitchers. Oakland A's GM Billy Beane says you need 3 pitching prospects to fill one spot in the rotation because one will get injured one will regress and the other will fill out your rotation. Jim Bowden of ESPN.com says in an article that out of the past 20 AL and NL cy young winners only 2 (Verlander, and Price) have been taken in the top 3 picks. Also keep in mind the Twins 1st round pick at #2 in 2000 Adam Johnson. While some may argue we have Sano in the system there is no guarantee he stays at third (granted the same is being wondered with Bryant.) So while yes we do need pitching depth in the farm system right now, especially power arms, a hard hitting righty with huge power is far above a consolation prize. (sorry about the paragraph formatting it wont work when I hit the enter key)
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  1. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Bryant would be a very good addition. The Twins can never have enough power hitters. Willingham, Doumit and Morneau will be gone by 2015 or earlier. Plouffe and Parmelee may play themselves out of a job. Sano and Arcia can't replace all 5 guys.
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I am not that high on him because he is obviously moving to first base and there are some issues with his game that tells me he is going to be Plouffe-esque in terms of power . . . and everything else.

    The Rockies aren't wavering. They want the Helton replacement. Stewart will be there for the Twins and that is good. The draft, however, is about rounds 2-20 or so.
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