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MicroThoughts - Dedone?

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I'm sitting here watching Samuel Deduno regress before my very eyes. In a way, it is sad because it would be fun for a 29 year old journeyman pitcher to suddenly harness the talent that he obviously has and become a dominant starter. The reality is that this rarely happens and while Deduno's results were good in his first couple months, the underlying stats did not support his success. He still walks way too many batters and doesn't strike enough batters out to mask it. He is starting to give up home runs and getting fewer double plays. All in all, it seems he is the exact type of pitcher that gets released by a couple of bad teams before turning 30. I worry that if Deduno is in the rotation next year, he will be nothing but frustrating for fans.

All that being said, if there aren't a lot of options, why not give him a chance? Maybe an off-season working on his control could make him a serviceable pitcher. But, how many off-seasons has he already had to try to work on control? It seems hard to believe that he will suddenly become a consistent pitcher at age 30. The few dominant starts that he had were fun, but these blowup starts are not.

What does everyone else think? It is a sad state in this franchise when a guy with a 4.5 ERA and 1.55 WHIP is maybe the second best option for a rotation spot next year.
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  1. AllhopeisgoneMNTWINS's Avatar
    Deduno is Dedone.....I completely agree with your thoughts. His ERA is starting to sky rocket (todays game sure helped that). I think if he hasnt found it yet, he never will. He was a flash in the pan, it worked for a bit, but we could not expect him to continue his "effectively wild success". To have a guy with a 4.5 ERA be the second best in the rotation is terrible. He is 29, he is not like Hendriks who still has time to figure it out. If we dont do something, its going to be a long year next year once again.
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