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Micro Post - Walk-Offs

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So, Denard Span just hit a walk-off single to win a pretty exciting game. Walk-offs are always fun, but I am very over the "beat the crap out of the game-winning hitter celebration." First off, Span has had concussion issues and just had a shoulder problem. Seems like hitting him on the head and tugging at his body isn't the smart move. Second, it is played out. The water jug/pie-in-face thing is played out too. Is this the real reason Drew Butera is on the team? Does he have the water jug access keys, just in case?

The first player that does something inventive with a celebration will win my respect. The freeze-out after a home run is usually comical. The guy who hit the home run never really knows what to do. If a team ever successfully pulls that off after a walk-off, I would salute. I would like to see an entire team just stand in the background, doing absolutely nothing, while the walk-off hero gives his cliched post-game interview. It would be eerily unsettling. Much better than a pie in the face or some water on their uniform.

What celebrations would you like to see?
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