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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Terry Ryans crafty move!!! Looking forward to the rest of the 2012 season!

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Early on Sunday morning in the midst of the Minnesota Twins trying to sweep the high and mighty Boston Red Sox, the Sox were trying to get the starting 3B for the Twins. When Terry Ryan heard about this he was trying to assess his worth. Ryan had him pegged for about a 6 pack of long sox for his players. The Sox called Terry Ryan and Sox offered the Twins a tub of eye paint. Terry Ryan knew that Valencia would be a perfect fit for the arrogant Red Sox, and it totally made sense that the Red Sox would be calling. Being as crafty as Ryan is in getting talent for marginal players he hung up and started looking for all options since he was already ahead of what he thought Valencia was worth, he was going to try and make an impact move since he was unable to do anything at the deadline. 2 things were going through Ryan's head 1. No matter what we are taking offer one, 2. This is the ideal time to get rid of him as Boston is the best place possible for his arrogant pompous ass attitude, and the Red Sox would pay extra for him, lets see what we can do. Ryan calls back with a couple names from Bostons farm system, they quickly say no, which was fine, but upped the price for Valencia, Boston came back with a year supply of Big League Chew, this is a really good deal at this point, but Ryan said no deal and threw out one last name in a last ditch effort to actually get a player for Valencia, Pineda, 21, hit .421 with 22 RBIs in 36 games for the Gulf Coast League Red Sox this season. He's a switch-hitter and is capable of playing all three outfield positions. HE DID IT, he pulled threw a deal for someone who is worth a 6 pack of socks to getting a real player. If you have read my posts before I am the biggest Valencia hater, he is my least favorite Twins player ever. This is obviously a mockery of what happened, but in my mind that is what would have went through it. Danny Valencia, the uncoachable, horrible team player, pompous ass went to the absolute perfect team, the debacle of the Boston Red Sox since losing Epstein is in perfect motion.

I have had soo much fun watching the Twins the last week and a half. Blowing out Clevelend, playing good baseball against there biggest rival, which they could have won all 3 games, and beating 3/4 against the Red Sox. Common denominator----------- Good Starting pitching. The Twins lineup is very good right now. Who isn't having fun watching Revere batting over .300, Morneau really heating up against everybody, especially getting over his struggles against LHP. Mastroanni teaching everyone how to steal bases, he is a fun player to watch out there. The Twins have obviously been so bad in SP, but they win ball games just getting quality starts. When the Twins are in the playoff run I absolutely love watching the team, this year they are completely out, yet I love watching every game almost just as much as they are a competitive team. All we can hope is that the Twins rookie pitchers continue to throw good ball games the rest of the year so the Twins have some options. Not saying the DeVries, Deduno, Walters will be starters next year, but damn wouldn't it be great to have options. It is going to be a very important off season for the Twins to get pitching. I am sure Terry Ryan is going to try to make moves for an impact Ace no matter what happens the rest of the year, he is unlikely going to succeed, so we are going to just add a 3, or 4 guy or guys, but at least we have major league ready options next year. DeVries, Deduno, Walters, Diamond are going to have key starts through September, I hope they are quality starts so the Twins can have options and confidence going into the 2013 season.
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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    What you wrote here is almost what I am feeling, except for the part about Terry Ryan most likely failing at finding an ace this offseason. Who knows, if we send positive vibes towards him, it might actually happen.
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    Take the plunge and claim Cliff Lee on waivers.......
  3. Rosterman's Avatar
    There isn't really a lot to look at in September if Terry just brings up 40-man roster guys, and expect the new 40-man roster to be very young.

    If the offense can advance and score runners, and with the current bullpen candidates, we might be one to two very good healthy starters away from contention, which is all the Twins carry about to put butts in the stands.
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