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J-Dog Dungan

Twins Depth/Personnel Chart for 2013

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Here is what I am seeing for the Twins depth chart with the personnel they have now. I will do another one of these after the offseason ends to compare. These rankings are part stats from this year, part me wanting some of the people on this list to succeed. Also, with the pitching rotation, this is not how the Twins (at least, I hope it isn't) will organize their rotation, it is just the people I think should be in their rotation

Should be some fairly obvious ones and maybe a few surprises in here.
1. Perkins
2. Burton
3. Slama
4. Duensing
5. Swarzak
6. Waldrop
7. Alex Burnett/Fien

Starting Rotation-Also, these are just guys the Twins have right now. I am not going to give a spot to someone they have not acquired yet.
1. Diamond
2. Baker
3. DeVries
4. Deduno
5. Walters/Vasquez (both of these guys need to show more)

Infielders-this includes catchers; Before Nishi on this list is Will Smith, Jon Stewart, and Steven Colbert
1. Mauer
2. Doumit
3. Carroll
4. Florimon
5. Parmelee
6. Plouffe
7. Butera
8. Morneau

1. Willingham
2. Span
3. Revere
4. Mastroianni
5. Carson
6. Arcia

Any player you don't see on this list I either forgot, or was thinking the Twins will release this offseason, or will not be a factor for most of next year.

Updated 09-02-2012 at 07:42 PM by J-Dog Dungan

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  1. Jim H's Avatar
    No Morneau? Dozier should at least be part of the depth. Capps may be released but I am not so sure that will happen either. I would also add Hicks in somewhere. While he likely won't make the team out of spring training, the Twins will certainly take a close look at him and he could be one of the first OF's called up if need calls. I won't comment on Slama being ranked 3, but until he actually pitches in the majors again, well you know.
  2. SpantheMan's Avatar
    3 catchers and only 4 other infielders?
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I didn't rank Slama #3 on his stats, that is more of a list of guys I feel the Twins should have in their bullpen next year.
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