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Back to the Twins future ( cause the present is pretty bleak)

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The future outfield of the Twins (Hicks, Arcia and Buxton)

I currently hold high hopes that this trio might be united by 2015. not entirely sure how exactly they're going to fit into a lineup though. Hicks is certainly showing that he has the capability to become a top lead-off man and yet early on in the going Buxton is also displaying the speed to profile in such a position as well.

- At the moment I would give the leadoff spot to Hicks because he has the speed yet has also displayed a profinity for drawing walks throughout his minor league career, averaging 76 walks per season (note: i'm counting 2008 and 2009 as one year since the combined games played of those two years equate roughly the same amount as 2010 through the current season.) as well as an overall ability to get on base (note: his lowest on base percentage thus far has been .353).

- Currently I can see Arcia profiling somewhere around a 5 hole hitter. He's not pumping out home runs like a typical clean-up hitter should but he's got the gap power down with 35 double between Ft. Meyers and New Britain this year.

-Buxton.... I haven't the foggiest where he'll profile in a lineup. Dreaming? He'll usurp Mauer and Mauer will slide into the no. 2 hole which might actually suit his ridiculous on base skills more than his current no. 3 role

- Defensively? I am imagining an alignment of Arica in LF, Hicks in CF, and Buxton in RF. My reasoning? Hicks is well known to be a defensive star thus his position in center and Buxton is reported to have a cannon for an arm, profiling him in right. Arcia, therefore falls to the position which is leftover.

Scott Diamond

- Truly, Diamond is THE bright spot that Twins fans can hold onto in what has turned out to be another dark year in Twins Territory. However, I reside in the camp that he will experience a decline in production. However, that doesn't mean that he can't be the anchor of future Twins rotations to come. I see him becoming the Twins version of Mark Buerhle, a guy who's stuff isn't outstanding but who's sound mechanics and fundamentals lead to wins. Maybe even a Brad Radke with a better ERA? Workhorse, that's the keyword.


- Trade them. Next year is lost. Ship them out for starting pitching and middle inflield help. Parmelee will transition to the majors, Sano is on his way and the outfield and bullpen have plenty of names to count on.

Sign everyone

- forget that last statement. Sign everyone. Dan Haren. Zach Greinke. League minimum salary. BOOM! Mad you call me?!... yeah that sentence got away from me a bit. Kudos to anyone who gets the reference. (Hint: Blink)

Finally, my 2015 Twins roster

1: (CF) Aaron Hicks
2: (C) Joe Mauer
3: (RF) Byron Buxton
4: (3B?) Miguel Sano
5: (LF) Oswaldo Arcia
6: (1B) Chris Parmelee
7: (2B) Eddie Rosario
8: (DH) Doumit? Plouffe if he ever returns to his mashing ways?
9: (SS) Brian Dozier

Starting rotation?

1. Scott Diamond
2. Ervin Santana (this would make sense if you read my last blog and its comments)
3. Kyle Gibson
4. J.O Berrios
5. Liam Hendriks

(not a bad looking rotation if you ask me!)

Alright. Let the comments fly. The only reason I write is to hear what other people think.
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  1. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    You're pretty optimistic in terms of ETAs. Diamond isn't really a rotation anchor and that rotation looks suspect. My biggest gripe is Dozier at SS. In his brief stint, I feel he's presented a ceiling as a below average shortstop. I think Daniel Santana is a better future option. He's got tools, but just needs to walk more. Jorge Polanco is also a reasonable, better choice.
  2. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    I like the outfield idea, but Buxton in 2015 might be too early. Having Joe Benson to play right field in the interim would be pretty nice though. A future outfield of Hicks, Benson and Buxton actually makes me drool. Each has a cannon and tons of speed/range. That might not happen until 2016/17, if at all though. Arcia might eventually be a 1B/DH anyway, so adding Benson back to the mix could make some sense.
  3. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    Buxton in 2015 might be too early, but then again, I'm not so sure. It would take a Mike Trout-like ascension whereby he covers both levels of A ball in 2013 and AA-AAA in 2014. More aggressive than the Twins typically are with a young player, but the Twins haven't had a lot of top-of-the-draft players like Buxton to compare to lately.

    I don't see Diamond as a rotation topper, at least not for a competitive team. I also can't imagine Sano being a MLB 3B at this point, but I'd love to be wrong. I think Doumit will be long gone by 2015, so maybe Sano is your DH and Plouffe can stick at 3B?

    I don't know who will be the SS in 2015, but I have trouble envisioning it being Dozier. Rosario may never be a great glove at 2B, but if he can be passable, the Twins should have enough offense to afford to sacrifice some offense at SS and plug in the best defensive SS they can find, regardless of his ability to use a bat. Maybe it's Florimon, Escobar or Beresford. Also shouldn't rule out Michael for a 2015 arrival, I guess.
  4. Twins best friend's Avatar
    To all - I am indeed being quite optimistic with ETAs. What can I say, I like to dream. The thought of Buxton being a Mike Trout makes me giddy, however unlikely it may be.

    YourHouse and Jim - I put Diamond at the top of the rotation because of how I likened him to a Twins Mark Buerhle. Buerhle isn't truly an ace pitcher himself, yet on a weak staff he was a rock and started numerous Opening Day games (9). If he can live up to my expectations that is where he'll pitch. The rest of the staff is a guessing game and I took my best guess.

    Jim - yeah, Sano at third is kind of a continuation of my optimism, hence the 3B?. I threw Doumit in there because he's hitting well this year and I thought he had a 3 year deal at the time when he actually has a 2 year deal. My bad. Once Plouffe rediscovers his stroke I would be ok with Plouffe manning third but I'd rather find a way to get Sano on the field. First would seem likely though with Parmelee and Mauer it might be congested.

    to all - Dozier is the counterbalance to my optimism, also I don't know much about Twins minor league middle infielders besides Rosario.
  5. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    I hope we have something coming up better than Dozier. Michael or the kid we got for Liriano or Floriman should all be better options. Dozier is average defensively and below average offensively not to mention slow. Florimon can steal some bases. I feel like Florimon is Casilla w/o the constant brain farts.
  6. beckmt's Avatar
    Do not mind an optomist, though you may be excessive. May need more of a half time catcher by that point, still lacking a ace in the pitching staff. Also feel like Hendriks does not get it and maybe never will, same with Benson. Can see Mauer being more of a first baseman by this time, so that moves Arcia into DH or outfield.
    That may work.
    Also expect the one of the middle infielders will be an FA, along with one of the ptiching staff. or as said TBD.
    My recommendation would by Marcum and Stephen Drew, but others could fill the bill.
    Baseball is becoming more like business. A few high priced stars, some upper mid level and a bunch of low level on most teams. The mid - lower level will be mainly FAs the move from team to team every few years (Jamie Carroll types) read contractors.
  7. Top Gun's Avatar
    You can't live on hopes and dreams. You have to field a team to please the public or you will not have a job.
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