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Axel Kohagen

Humble Suggestions for a Very Special 10 Year Anniversary Edition of AaronGleeman.com

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I, for one, suggest we definitely spend some time celebrating Aaron Gleeman on 10 years of maintaining his blog. Gleeman is a succinct and clear writer who never sacrifices quality, even when producing articles in great quantity. He makes it easy to join into online conversation with other Twins fans, and I'm thankful for what he's done.

So with that in mind, the 10 year anniversary of AaronGleeman.com has to go down like it was classic Johnny Carson stuff. Here are some suggestions:

1) Where Are They Now That They've Unfollowed Aaron: Various Twitter users type in prompts until Aaron can guess who the sports personality is and why they unfollowed him.

2) Happy Birthday! A ranked Official Fantasy Girl of the site sings "Happy Birthday, AaronGleeman.com!" to Aaron in a sultry way.

3) Surprise Twins Geek!
In a surprise guest appearance, John Bonnes would arrive and demand to be repaid for all of the off-the-cuff bets Aaron has made on Gleeman and the Geek.

4) Sending Us Home Soulfully.
The man himself gets on the microphone and belts out a soulful seventies number to thank all of his regular readers. Rhinestone jumpsuit optional.

Congrats, Aaron, on a great site and a great standard of excellence!


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