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2013 Starting Rotation

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So who is going to be in the starting rotation for 2013? Seems like this question has been beat to death, but I honestlly haven't read many concrete suggestions. What I see after Diamond is a pile of hot Chicago garbage.
DeVries has been a revelation and if he continues to pitch well he should get a shot next year, but I still don't trust him with his high home run rate. Blackburn should be cut, Deduno is not a long term starter, but has been fun to watch at times. Duensing belongs in the pen, especially if Perk is the closer next year. Henricks continues to dominate in the minors, but doesn't look any more prepared to get major league outs. Pavano should be allowed to walk. Baker's option should be declined and as everyone has said, an incentive laden contract offered but I wouldn't depend on him being a starter opening day. This brings us to Gibson, who should be healthy and in the rotation to start next year.
At this point the rotation is Diamond, Gibson, and DeVries. The free agent market should have a multitude of viable options, but the likes of Greinke and Shields are not realistic for this franchise. The three guys I see as the best fits in terms of salary and ability are Colby Lewis, Shawn Marcum, and Edwin Jackson. All three should be in demand and command decent salaries, but they are affordable if the Twins keep their payroll at or close to $100 million. Of the three, I prefer Lewis and Jackson as they have proven pretty durable over their careers, despite Lewis' recent injury. What that gives you is a rotation of Lewis, Jackson, Diamond, Gibson, and DeVries, with Baker working his way back from Tommy John surgery. This is what I think the front office should do. In reality though, the front office will probably keep Blackburn and sign someone like Joe Blanton.
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  1. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    Agree with most of your thinking. Signing two pitchers of that caliber seems very unlikely. One of those three would fare will enough. I think it's too early to make a decision on Blackburn. After the season ends, the Twins should have a pretty good idea of how to move forward. His 2013 salary is so daunting that if Minnesota can see any glimpse of hope, they should hold on to him.
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