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J-Dog Dungan

Players I expect/hope the Twins to not bring back next year

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Carl Pavano (expect)
As consistent as you sometimes were, Carl, this most recent injury-plagued season has probably cost you a position with the Twins, and, most likely, in the Bigs. While you may have been a nice guy and class act personality who worked well with Drew Butera, the Twins, and every other team, should look to go younger at than a 36-ish somewhat injury-plagued pitcher.

Matt Capps (expect)
Well, it has been an interesting run while you were with us, Cappie. You have made us hate you and love you (hate you a little more often than love you). While we thought you were worth $4.5 million this offseason, most of us here didn't. But we now have several relief pitchers that we can trust more than you, and we don't have to pay them as much, and they don't stay injured like you have this year.

Nick Blackburn (hope)
Well, Nick, at least you have a role model to look up to in the getting ground balls department on this team. His name is Scott Diamond, and you are supposed to do what he does, except better. Yeah, you have really fallen short of expectations, and most people here at Twins Daily are getting tired of your inconsistency.

Jeff Gray (Grey?) (Don't really care)
Well, some people were suggesting putting him on this list in the comments, probably because of the bad outings he has had. Well guess what? Most people were hating on Glen Perkins before he became this out getting god at the back of our bullpen. So give Grey (Gray?) a break. He will come back. Relievers always have a few rough spots before their good streaks. That's what makes us like them all the more.
Drew Butera (don't know my feelings about this guy)
You have been part of an interesting time for the Twins, Drew, one where your fielding kept you on the Major League roster even when your hitting said you didn't deserve to be. I didn't have any problem keeping you around when we didn't have a true backup for Joe, but now we kinda do. And with the departure of Liriano and the almost certain departure of Pavano, you are losing the pitchers that you were like the "pitching whisperer" too. So this might mean you are out of a job, but again, maybe not. Neither Mauer or Doumit are full-time catchers, so you might still have a job with the Twins come next season

1st Baseman:

Justin Morneau (expect and hope, but not for the wrong reasons)
Justin, you are one of my favorite Twins players. That is why this is probably the hardest entry for me to write. You have gone through so much with the Twins, including hitting your 200th home run, winning an MVP award, sustaining two concussions, and your comeback this year. You were even titled the new-age "M&M Boys" with your friend Joe. But with your recent comeback and the hopeful signs that Parmelee is showing down in AAA, you have made yourself increasingly expendable for the good of the team. If they do manage to trade you, they should get a lot of salary relief, a MLB-ready pitcher, and your legacy as one of the best power hitters the Twins have developed so far.

2nd Baseman:
Alexi Casilla (expect)
Well Alexi, you have certainly always been a better defender than offender, but the fact that you are one of the last (as Ozzie Guillen titled them) Little Piranhas makes me wish that you could have produced offensively like you did defensively.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka (seriously expect and hopeful up the wazoo)
Oh, Nishioka, we thought you would be the infield version of Ichiro. Instead, you have been the infield brother of whomever the worst infielder ever is. You have made more errors at short and second than any of us could believe, or wanted to expect. You have the, to put it nicely, the hitting of Nick Punto, but none of his fielding wizardry. As the number of "Get rid of Nishi tabs has risen on this site's forum, so has the criticism of you from people we wouldn't expect to criticise you.

Brian Dozier (only send him to AAA)
Dozier, it has certainly been an interesting few months. You made quite the first impression, but since then, have been starting to struggle little by little. You have been as athletic as advertised in the field, and we can only hope that you improve with the bat, but I would suggest that you start the year in AAA, just to get a little more seasoning and time spent with Bruno.

Denard Span (sort of expect)
Span, you have been a solid outfielder, a solid baserunner, and a dependable lead-off man whose value hasn't been higher for a long time, if ever. I fully expect the Twins to trade you this offseason to make room for Ben Revere in center, not because I don't enjoy watching you play, because I believe it is necessary for the continued improvement of this team.

Rene Tosoni (expect to stay in the Minors, and definately not on the 40-man roster)
Well, we haven't seen you at all this year, Rene, and you have been demoted from AAA to AA for low performance. So, yeah, with all the higher-ranking OF prospects the Twins have, I would be very surprised to see you at the Major League level again (at least with the Twins), especially with the emergence of Mastroianni as the quintessential 4th outfielder.

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  1. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    You like Jeff Gray? I'd like to see Clete Thomas and Wilkin Ramirez cut loose too. I wouldn't mind another season of Capps and Butera isn't a big problem in my eyes.
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    I can see another season of Butera, until one of the other backup catchers mature. Yes, Jeff Gray. What about him. Or Burnett. Or Swarzak. And, Blackburn. You forgot a few.
  3. Darin Bratsch's Avatar
    Blackburn absolutely! I'd keep Morneausy and Span. But, somebody needs to convince Span that money can be made in RF allowing Revere to go to CF. Need middle infielder and two starting pitchers.
  4. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    YourHouse, I was basing my analysis mostly off of the 40-man, but I probably could have added Jeff Grey. Think of the Capps entry as Grey's entry too. Burnett has been doing much better this year and I don't see any reason to cut him. Swarzak has been fairly reliable in the long-relief/spot start position, so I didn't think to add him. But yes, there should be an entry for Nick Blackburn.
  5. beckmt's Avatar
    I would not include Morneau. Parmalee could be a bust, all of the rest are fine, though I expect Blackburn to be back because no one wants him. We need a missle infielder and 1 -2 starting pitchers, that could be doable in FA.
  6. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    Pavano and Casilla are the only two on this list I feel comfortable saying will for sure not be with the team next year. Grey and Butera are both very cheap, they will not be moved anywhere (except maybe to the minors). Morneau will not be moved, as Parmalee has shown nothing in the majors. Blackburn and Nishioka will not be moved as they are sunk money that nobody else will take. Blackburn still could have value. Dozier ciould be in AAA, but I think the starting SS is his by default next year (hopefully they will not give him the Casilla-length rope). I still think the Twins see Span as a core player, meaning it will take a lot to move him. Pending the 40-man roster situation, I could easily see Tosoni released. Capps was relatively effective this year. I agree that $4.5 mil is high, but the Twins could pick this up anyways.
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