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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Liriano deal, Gardy, Valencia

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The Liriano deal is done. When I heard this deal, and the timing of the deal I was quite surprised. First, why are we trading top tier potential pitching to the AL Central? Why are we trading before his next scheduled start? Are you sure there isn't going to be a better deal out there?
I can't answer these questions but I can speculate. My speculation is that Liriano is hiding an injury, didn't want to take the chance at him putting a stinker out there vs the Indians and lose all value. I am quite sure there was interest from a lot of teams for Liriano. Every team knew we weren't pursuing a longer term contract and are looking to get something for him. The White Sox came a calling and now we have a utility guy and a 23 year old pitcher. I don't know much about them, and we can all look that stuff up. John Bonnes came up with about 20 reasons why he hated the trade, and labeled it one of the worst. I am not sold on that yet, as we don't know all of the details on Liriano's health. If he is healthy, then I really don't get it at all, we could have waited til Tuesday. The Indians are horrible vs LHP, Liriano is at home, this was a perfect time for Liriano to make up for his last start. Something doesn't smell right!!!!!

The Gardy rumblings are calling once again, as it happened in April/May. I specifically wrote it was time for a change, even though I really like Gardy. Gardy wants to manage this team, and I think he will. You can't compete as a ballclub without starting pitching. We have had horrible starting pitching this year. We have had injuries that have obviously not helped out the situation. I still think the Twins are bought into Gardy, and I personally changed my stance on him earlier this year, thinking we shuld keep him around.

I am a Danny Valencia hater I guess you could say. I have always said he is a plague to this team. That being said, this is his last time to shine. If he can't get things going given this opportunity it is all she wrote and we should try and trade him for anything. Now on the flip side of this, lets say I am wrong and Valencia come back with and plays like he did in 2010. To have a good 3B, and Plouffe playing SS or 2nd that would be a very big upgrade in the lineup. Or better yet, IMO, he plays really well and we have the ability to trade him in the offseason.

I found out on Friday that we got some good seats for the Twins game on Tuesday, find out Saturday that Liriano got traded, and looking at the projected starters for Tuesday I get to see Liriano for the first time in a dreaded White Sox uniform. That part will be fun, bad part is I was at the last game Blackburn faced the White Sox and gave up like 13 hits. I am hoping by Tuesday we don't trade Willingham, Morneau, or Span.
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