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T.K, Morneau, looking forward to 2013, How can you not root for the Orioles

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First off, I finally got a chance to watch T.K.'s speech after retiring his number. I have to say I haven't seen a more nervous person give a speech. I thought when Hrbek said that a lot of his number being up there has a lot do with the number standing next to me was pretty cool. I thought T.K. had a decent speech, I would have liked to hear a few more stories. I thought Morneaus enthusiasm about the entire thing made me really want to keep him around, he is one guy who I think appreciates baseball more than a lot of players. I only know T.K. and Gardy, I am expecting a baby in November, boy or girl, I hope they play sports and I hope I can teach my kids about all the little things that you do right to play well.

There is obviously going to be a lot of talk about Morneau in the offseason. I really would like him to stay as a fan. Terry Ryan is going to have a lot to think about this winter. Parmalee had a year in AAA that should give him a spot to play in 2013 regularly, which I am hoping is right field. I would still like to see Morneau stick around. He has been my favorite Twins since he came up. For the first time in a few years I think we can be pretty close to looking at this for a lineup with defensive positions.

1. Revere (CF)
2. Mastroanni, (wish it were Mauer) (LF)
3. Mauer (C)
4. Willingham (DH)
5. Morneau (1B)
6. Doumit/Parmalee
7. Plouffe (3B)
8. Escobar (2B) ???
9. Dozier (SS) ???

Yes the bottom 2 guys are going to be a few question marks, but I don't see it changing to significantly unless they go out and get a SS. My biggest hopes for the Twins next year are keeping Morneau, trading Span, keeping Doumit, and giving Parmalee a chance to play most days, rotating between RF, 1B, DH. It would be really nice having that extra bench option rotating guys in there.

The Baltimore Orioles!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last game I officially watched that didn't include the Minnesota Twins in the game was in 1995 when Ripken broke the record, and I still remember Berman doing the game and calling it when he made it. So that was 17 years ago! As I write this the Orioles are 1 game behind the almighty Yankees who had a 10 game lead in August. How can you not root for Showalter and the Baltimore Orioles. They get a new/(old) look this year, with 40% of the payroll the Yankees do, and they have a chance to win the East. It looks like the East is going to get 2 into the playoffs, and it is going to be very interesting. If I could hope for anything it would be Orioles #1, Rays #2, Yankees go packing. I root for 2 things in MLB, the Minnesota Twins first and for most, and the Yankees losing as often as possible, the Minnesota Twins play the New York Yankees from 24th of September to the 26th and September and all I can hope is the Twins taking at least 2 of 3. The team I am rooting for going forward this MLB season is from the AL East, which will always be a rarity, but go Baltimore Orioles!
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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I am rooting for the Orioles and Rays, the Orioles b/c of Lew Ford who is awesome, and the Rays because they are the complete opposite of the Yankees. Oh, it would be sweet if the Rays and Orioles kept the Yankees from reaching the playoffs this year and the A's made it in too.
  2. rogrulz30's Avatar
    I totally agree, that would make my entire MLB year.
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