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Darin Bratsch


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Dick-n-Bert just announced Nishioka has been recalled. Hide the women and children. I'd rather see Smalley suit up instead.
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  1. ScottyBroco's Avatar
    hahahThe Smalley comment could not have have been said any better. Have you scene the shape that guy is in and the head of hair?
    I sure hope that I look that way when I am his age!
  2. twinstalker's Avatar
    It would be interesting to know what the idea behind Nishioka is, or whether it's just a "we're out of it, and we feel bad for Nishi" type move. With Mastroeanni (sp) able to play 2nd, they don't really need an infielder.
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  3. Rosterman's Avatar
    Hey, like Blackburn, you are paying the guy and might as well get something out of him. He can't hurt you right now. The question is when Plouffe comes back, does he stay or does a pitcher go. You have to see what you got, and if there is anything that might $3 million interest someone between now and August 30th, you let him show and then waiver wire him. Like they did Valencia. Wait, the Red Sox got Danny. To keep him from going to the Yankees, perhaps. Sadly, they sent him right away to triple-AAA. Poor Danny! He was batting better than Youklis did for the Red Sox.
  4. PopRiveter's Avatar
    "You've got to see what you've got"
    We haven't seen Nishioka yet? He's proven he can't do it. This is where concern about money hurts a team. The least deserving player gets field time because he was signed to the worst contract. They need to Mike Lamb (verb) Tsuyoshi Nishioka (noun.)
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