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Twins Pitching in Good Shape

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Dan Gladden and Chris were very complimentary of Deduno tonight, echoing my sentiments. Gladden said "he is athletic, he is teachable..." I think he loves baseball.

Add Diamond and De Vries, and this could be a solid foundation for years to come.

Caution of course is needed because the league really hasnt seen these guys. When they have been around the league next year we will have a better barometer. I do believe Diamond and Deduno are solid, but when they get knocked around a few times, then we we will get a better feel for their stamina, after all, they all have good stuff, it really boils down to HEAD, (see Nick Blackburn)

If DeVries really does have ice in his veins then he could be with us for awhile even long term, that of course remains to be seen.

So the Twins have exploded for over 30 runs in the last week, do we really want to tinker with this team? I love this team offensively, I think we are fine there.

Add two arms to the rotation and next year should be greatly improved.

With Trading Liriano, Morneau and Span, we should be able to get a couple or three arms that can help either next year or in 2014.

One last note, dont forget Walters, he will back and effective until the league sees him a few times, and hopefully after that. So with all the wringing of hands, I actually think we are in good shape for next year.
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  1. beckmt's Avatar
    Dreamer. We are at least one SP (front of rotation) away, and 1 more bat somewhere in the lineup.
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