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1000th episode of Monday Night Raw

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So baseball is the main sport going on right now. Unfortunately our Minnesota Twins conversations are pretty much surrounding the trade deadline which is unfortunate. As I watched the Twins at Sox game I was also recording the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw. I quit watching the Twins game when the Twins got another first guy on base being down 7-2 and failing to do anything with it. I switched it to the recording of the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw that started in 1993 when I was 13 years old. I am 32 years old now and I have probably watched 3 Monday Night Raw episodes in 8 years. I will have to admit that I did have to download Wrestle Mania when I heard the Rock was going to be there. The Rock was probably my favorite wrestler ever, and brought back memories of watching Raw with the family. Both my parents sucked it up and watched Saturday Night Main Event, which then got bigger to Sunday Mornings, which then was prime time on Monday Night. Both my parents to this day say they still enjoyed it once they got into it. I sat here watched Raw tonight, my wife came home and was utterly embarrassed that I watched this show tonight. I told her about my favorite wrestlers and how cool it was watching wrestling back in the day. I think I was 15, my friends and I would go to each others houses pay $5 to the parents that ordered it and had a good time, probably watched wrestling til I was 20. It was entertaining. This is a Minnesota Twins blog, but I have all the right in the world to post whatever I want in my mind and I think people enjoyed wrestling, and I wasn't really disappointed watching the 1,000th episode of RAW. I wanted to throw out some of my favorite moments in my era of watching wrestling. I am going to try and make this a top 10.

10. All I can say is Road Warriors. I used to love the tag team of Hawk and Animal. I loved the outfits coming down to the ring. My favorite tag team ever.

9. The Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan WrestleMania 6. When I looked up the year of 1990 I couldn't believe I remember this match and I was 10. The ultimate warrior got me hooked to wrestling I think. He was one of the first to really have more movement in the ring, add more agility to wrestling.

8. Shawn Michaels vs Triple H I remember this match, looked it up it was a Summer Slam match in 2002. All I remember was Triple H really breaking into the seen, Shawn Michaels stole the show all of the time, rightly so, but Triple H was becoming bigger and bigger. This match made Triple H what he is still today.

7. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock in Wrestlemania 17 (2001) Both were the most polarizing figures in wrestling at the time. This is about the end of my era watching wrestling.

6. Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant. I can't say that I watched this live, but I did watch the behind the scenes and the match, which is what propelled the WWE to what it is today. This would normally be higher, but I was too young.

5. When Hulk Hogan came back to the WWE as the good guy, first time back to the WWE playing the "Real American" Song.


Don't know why I remember this, I guess I loved Jake the Snake Roberts, hated the million dollar man w/ Virgil, which I hated. All I wanted was the snake to go over Ted Dibiase and it never happened and I was pissed.

3. I will never forget the Hell in the Cell match between Undertaker and Mankind. Mankind went through the top of the cage. He landed on tacks, he went through the table. This match was unbelievable knowing what these guys had to go through physically.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon throughout the years of Monday Night Raw which kept me watching as he was thoroughly entertaining.

1. The Rock overall kept me watching wrestling and the stupid sayings he had. "Do you smell what the Rock is cooking", Really, that is what is main saying was and it was great every time.

Favorite wrestlers of all time I guess in no particular order.

Junkyard Dog
Macho Man Randy Savage
Jake the Snake Roberts
The Rockers, Marty Janetti/Shawn Michaels
The Road Warriors
Hulk Hogan
Stone Cold Steve Austin
George "the Animal" Steel
The Rock
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    The Legion of Doom was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
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