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Skip Lirianos next start

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I know, I know, all the teams will say, What happened, what are they hiding?

With the mental case Liriano is, you can not afford to destroy his trade value.

So skip his next start, he will have to pass a physical anyway, so better to not let

his head destroy his value of any chance of trading him.


  1. darin617's Avatar
    I would also skip his start before the deadline. They could pull him an hour or 2 before his start and pull a little lie saying they are close to a deal with unnamed team and when he is not traded they could just say they backed out of deal since the acquiring team balked at the additional player added to trade.
  2. Willihammer's Avatar
    Who should start instead?
  3. freightmaster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Willihammer
    Who should start instead?
    does it matter?

    How about Perdomo?
  4. Top Gun's Avatar
    How stupid can you be?
  5. freightmaster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Top Gun
    How stupid can you be?
    Well I guess I dont know, I would think a little stupid, maybe major stupid, but I assume your comment is based on your profound grasp of the talent we have, obviously you understand that a reliever can NEVER start....(hold on laughing attack) But I am curious what you would do, Butera?
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