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Standing Room Only

How I spent the 2012 All Star Game

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This past All Star Game was pretty special to me, and sure wasn't because of the American League's performance.

I've been a season ticket holder in years past and now for the past 3 years since the gates opened at Target Field. I have a list of complaints. As a season ticket holder in addition to getting tickets there are supposed to be perks, and service and communication should be a given - but that is a separate post perhaps for another day.

This post is about me being wowed by a STH perk, my first "Sweet Spot" benefit. I was invited to come on down to Target Field and hang out in the Champions Club and watch the 2012 All Star Game. A place graced by the presence of the likes of the late Dark Star, or when people like Rudy Giuliani come to town to watch the Yankees. A place that I wasn't even allowed to check out during the STH "open house" that was held a few weeks before opening day. The elusive Champions Club.

We got to park where the players park:
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The special entrance:
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And right as you walk in Black Jack is there to greet you:
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We were given programs, entered into a raffle, and allowed to stroll the interior, which much like the rest of the ballpark is full of cool photos, history and memorabilia of the team, including miniatures of the various players honored outside the gates of Target Field, both World Series Trophies, and much more.

We were fed a great meal, and enjoyed a fun lecture from Mr. Clyde Doepner the curator for the Twins (for more on Clyde http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URvKMb79gCc )
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I got to ask him the last question - "What item have you acquired over the years has meant the most to you personally?" to which he responded Killebrew's Hall of Fame speech.

As comfy as the interior was, the exterior was equally amazing.
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We were treated to a pre-recorded thank you from Joe Mauer, and could watch the game from outside on the big scoreboard or inside on one of the many TV's.

I've got a lot of pictures, but hopefully this gave you a general feel.

Other than the game being crummy, it was a fantastic time and a great experience. Other than the true behind the scenes stuff for employees only, I think I've been all the various clubs and cool areas now, and may never see this one again. I feel very lucky to have taken part.

Until next time sports fans...
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