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Can the Tigers Bats Overcome their Defense?

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I don't think Fielder is the worst first baseman in the league, but he definitely makes his fair share of errors. Re-Converting Cabrera back to a third baseman is a scary thought I'm sure for Tigers fans. It wouldn't surprise me if Cabrera might have difficulty leaving his fielding woes behind when he comes to the plate. As we all know, baseball is such a mental game and Cabrera has proven at times to be a bit of a headcase. It sounds like Raburn will be getting most of the starts at second base. This infield has the potential to be a disaster.

I'm sure the Tigers are planning on using Delmon Young as the designated hitter more often than not. This would be a wise move, because with Young in the field, the Tigers only get worse defensively.

With all this being said, I still think the Tigers will find a way to pitch well enough and do enough damage at the plate to compensate. It should be an interesting storyline to follow all summer long.
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    Just a thought - I think a short blog post like this might be better served in the Forum than in a blog post. I just think it would generate more discussion there, and we can promote good forum entries to the front page just like we can promote blog entries to the front page. I'm not chastising you, I just think it might work better and get even more reads and discussion.
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