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Jeremy Nygaard

Top Minor League Performers

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I used to subscribe to BA's Top Performers email, but after looking at it - seeing batting and pitching lines for hundreds of prospects - and not getting much out of it, I unsubscribed.

While browsing their website today, I found a link to "Yesterday's Top Performers". I clicked on it and expected to see the same format I saw with the emails. I was wrong.

Instead what I saw where the top 10 daily performers based on Runs Created (for batters) and Game Score (for pitchers). I went through each day (through 7/6) and compiled the Twins Top 10 daily performances for hitters and pitchers.

Date/Player/Runs Created
6/20 Niko Goodrum 4.09
4/22 Oswaldo Arcia 4.03
5/10 Oswaldo Arcia 3.76
4/9 Miguel Sano 3.69
5/20 Oswaldo Arcia 3.62
6/28 Rory Rhodes 3.56
7/2 Romy Jimenez 3.46
6/2 Oswaldo Arcia 3.42
6/28 Romy Jimenez 3.42
4/20 Miguel Sano 3.25

Date/Player/Game Score
6/9 Liam Hendriks 87
6/26 Matt Summers 84
6/4 Liam Hendriks 76
5/7 Matt Summers 74
5/24 Liam Hendriks 72
7/2 Kuo Hua Lo 72
6/10 BJ Hermsen 71
5/1 BJ Hermsen 69
4/13 BJ Hermsen 68
4/19 BJ Hermsen 68
6/3 Madison Boer 68
6/23 Taylor Rogers 68
7/5 BJ Hermsen 68

The conclusions that I drew from compiling these lists:

Oswaldo Arcia has been even better than I realized. He made the Top 10 for the Twins a bunch, but his name also appeared a bunch more times on the daily report.

Miguel Sano hasn't shown up on the daily report since April 30th.

Chris Parmelee, Chris Herrmann, Max Kepler and Aaron Hicks all showed up multiple times.

BJ Hermsen's name appeared nearly every time he started for Fort Myers. He also made the list pitching for New Britain. He's got to be moving up Twins prospect lists.

Liam Hendriks dominates AAA like he sucks for the Twins.

Matt Summers has had a few excellent games for Beloit and will continue to get better with experience.

Logan Darnell was the only other player to be mentioned multiple times.

Many lower-level pitchers made the Top 10 daily report list once.

(There have been some games in the last couple of nights that will probably change the lists a little bit; unfortunately, those days aren't posted yet.)
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