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Fire Dan Gladden

Bowden shows he is an idiot (yet again)

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Jim Bowden has yet another "wonderful" article over at ESPN discussing 5 players who could be traded before the trade deadline. Of the players he has listed is Justin Morneau. He talks primarily about Morneau being a risk and hurt, but has still slugged .490. Let's review:

1) The Twins were leery enough on Morneau to try to keep him out of the field as much as possible this reason. Only when Chris Parmalee totally stunk did they start moving him back to 1B.

2) Morneau has already spent time on the DL this year.

3) Morneau is owed about $10 mil left for this year and $14 mil for next year.

4) He is one awkward movement away from being out possibly forever.

The Twins will not eat any of Morneau's salary for the sake of moving him. Without the Twins eating salary, no team would trade for Justin Morneau, even for a marginal prospect.

While I agree that the team is in rebuilding mode and would trade almost anybody on the team for the right price, nobody will make that offer for Mr. Morneau.

Please ESPN, give us somebody with something intelligent to say.
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  1. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    I agree with you that Bowden's an idiot. He is also a low handed snake in the grass, opportunist, and egomaniac.
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