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I love the Twins Daily Site. It presents to me a lot of insight, angles and intelligence.

I love the metrics also, and I understand it is a sabermetric dominated site - but in a way, I find the Twins Daily site a dominated platform for "Metrics" individuals and it can become quite stifling for some.

There is seemingly a small amount who play it by the vest and display their emotional quotient, but they are on this site hoping for their chance to have a voice... and want/need a platform. I think the metric intellectual pissing matches can turn some people off.

I champion the TD participants who draw on the emotions of a time when it was not so numerical, stiff and void of feeling. Emotion and passion is the core of human expression and in my opinion, is still the core of baseball.

Tomorrow, when we wake up. Most of us will have to go to a job, put in our time, and go home to our lives, that might be stressful, complicated or straight up tough.

Enough of the Chic Automatons. Let us remember the past when great things happened on the ball field and we enjoyed the big moments and let us not forget the crushing and disappointing moments that left us dead for a moment.

Baseball can be, but is not a college mathematics course.
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  1. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Good read, Bark's.
    I wrote on a somewhat similar topic this winter if you care to have a read:

    In general, I'm all for any stat that helps fans understand the game better, and more power to you if stats are a main reason that you enjoy baseball. But for me, the old fashioned batting slash line does a pretty good job enabling me to compare hitters most of the time.
  2. James's Avatar
    Well said. I do enjoy the stats, but I'm a science type and that's part of the way my brain works. But, the numbers don't mean anything at all without the emotion that the game of baseball inspires.

    Thanks for the post.
  3. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    I really appreciate this, thanks for writing it. But please tell me there's also a space for my incoherent blather?
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