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God Damn. You young galoots really have a lot of time on your hands. This computer world thiggamajiggy really dominates a lot of your lives.

When I was in my 20’s, I was out with my friends and carousing with the lovely young ladies. You young bucks really put too much time into baseball, trying to dig up some weird scientific statistics. In the 50’s you knew who a good ballplayer was – The Splendid Splinter, Stan the Man, Ted Kluszewski, Nellie Fox, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Vernon, the Say Hey Kid, The Duke and the Mick are just a few to mention amongst many more. I was fortunate to travel around a bit and see these players I have mentioned play. You didn’t need a calculator to figure out that these were some damn good baseball players… some of the very best to put on the uniform.

I know a lot of you guys have been hard on my grandson and some of it seems a bit over the top, but Joseph can handle it, he was raised to face adversity and he will do a fine job with that. My belief is most of you knuckle heads have too much time on your hands and have your priorities all mixed up.

My advice to you computer baseball guys is to get off your computer, toughen up, head down to your favorite watering hole, be talkative and interesting – maybe make some friends. What the hell… you might even meet a lady friend who might turn your world upside down… it happens sometimes… even for you bookworm types.

Grandpa Jake
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