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Wall Street Journal Reports Twins Had 6th Best Off-Season

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This morning the Wall Street Journal decided to talk a little baseball (yay!). They dove into each teams offseason activities and ranked them based on their collective expected WAR (from Fangraphs.com) from acquisitions and losses. They didn't include promotions from within the organizations or demotions within the organizations expected or otherwise except in the case of the Mariner's Montero.

According to WSJ the Twins came in 6th place this off-season with net WAR increase of 4.4. Unsurprisingly the Angels came ranked best with a WAR increase of 13.3.

I don't believe in WAR being the end all be all of a players value, however, this is a nice little rating system to show how each team fared this off-season using some quick and dirty evaluations.

Here is the Article:



  1. Parker Hageman's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing Loosey. In all, I agree that the Twins offseason should be viewed as a positive one.
  2. UNDTwinsFan's Avatar
    Considering Todd Coffey (2.8 career WAR) could have been had for a million bucks, I'd say the Twins underachieved this offseason. If nothing else he could have filled the portly fan-favorite role that has been empty since those 6 magical innings of Mike Fetters in 2003.
    Updated 02-22-2012 at 11:39 AM by UNDTwinsFan (misspelling)
  3. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    This is a nice way of looking at it objectively. I've definitely said that I think that the bats they brought in will help.
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