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J-Dog Dungan

Twins Prospects: Where to fit them all?

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The Twins have several highly-touted prospects that are currently climbing through their system. The prospect that is most likely to make his debut this year is Brian Dozier, who is a solid middle infielder who took this year in the Minors and turned it into his breakout season.

Unfortunately for the Twins, they have several other highly-touted prospects that are all playing the same positions. For Chris Herrmann, this isn't a problem, as he could finally be Drew Butera's nightmare as he is a catcher who actually has the ability to hit for average.

For guys like Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario, and outfield prospects like Aaron Hicks, Oswaldo Arcia, Joe Benson, and Max Kepler, this prospect crunch might mean that they have to be even better than they already are to get the Twins to play them, as the Twins have a lot of good prospects, but no where to put them. Revere, Willingham, and Span, unless they suffer injuries or decline in their play, look to be the Twins starters in the outfield for the next three years and beyond. In the infield and especially at third base, Sano and Rosario are behind guys like Valencia and, if he has a good spring this year, Burroughs. The twins also have their 2011 1st round draft pick, SS Levi Michael, who is projected to be the Twins' answers to their headaches at short and projected to be a killer pairing with Brian Dozier.

This means that the Twins will have to be making decisions in the coming years as to how they give younger players with high upside the Major League experience they need to succeed, while keeping around enough veterans so that they have a leadership role in the team.

What moves do you think the Twins will make to give prospects like Sano, Rosario, Hicks, Arcia, Benson and Kepler the playing time they deserve, once they reach the big leagues?


  1. daan4786's Avatar
    Well I like the situation we have with our outfield, because a couple of those guys wont pan out, but they all have enough upside where we should be able to get a couple of quality starters and maybe an all star. I would think that by the time they all should be pushing for the big leagues we would have a better idea of who is or isn't going to pan out. Best case scenario, all four outfielders are deserving of playing time. If thats the case, we can either trade one away for another position of need, or hold on to them all, assuming that at least one wont prove themselves long term. I'd rather the latter happens, because that way you don't risk trading the wrong guy away.
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