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MLB Draft Discussion: Day 2

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I don't get drafting a bunch of relievers, it hasn't worked in the past, why would it work now? The guy from rice isn't even the closer on his team and is probably the 3rd or 4th best pitcher on his team. Wasted picks, wasted opportunities. This is becoming so common it's not even funny. However I do like the Brett-Walker pick, he has a lot of power. Passing on Brown, Lovegrove, and Buttrey could come back to bite us although they may all 3 go to college. I want high upside guys at this point in the draft, not a bunch of Billy Bullocks who will probably fizzle out in AA. Seriously have ANY of these early round relievers worked out for us?
The Twins turned Billy Bullock into Scott Diamond, so that was not a bad move. Granted, the Twins could have kept Diamond on the 25 man roster and not given up Bullock, but Diamond was not pitching well enough to stay. I think the Twins did all right with the trade for Diamond.

The Twins drafted a bunch of starters last year, and they are doing fairly well. Boer had a good start his last time out after bad starts in his first season at high A ball. If he can string together several more good starts, then that will be encouraging, and Wheeler and Summers are looking good at Beloit.
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