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Peanuts from Heaven

Another year's draft: in 5 words or less!

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Apparently the first times around in posting this I had a nasty bit of formatting on the other blog, now that's fixed and complemented with a poll about Twins draftees all of which can still be enjoyed at our blogspot address, here's a taste of what you'll find there:

With the Twins more or less out of contention for this season (recent success not with standing), the attention of the Twins blog-o-sphere has been firmly fixed on the minor leagues and potential for future glory. There are bright and talented bloggers who write about this subject: Seth Strohs, Jeremy Nygaard, Cody Christie, Andrew Walter...

Our names are not on that list, largely because we aren't as savvy and also because we insist on quick and silly analyses. So while they might be able to break down all 40 rounds of the draft with staggering wisdom, we will break it down faster than anybody else.

SO! For the second year in the row, here is the official Peanuts from Heaven Draft Analysis on every player picked by the hometown 9...in 5 words or less! (Symbols/Abbreviations don't count)

Round (Pick #)-Name-COLlege/High School: Idiotic "analyses"
(Thanks to Seth Strohs for the comprehensive list)

We did not draft a comic Zombie
but he makes an intimidating bullpen option
FROM: wikia.com

Left Handed Pitchers (8)

#2 (63) - Mason Melotakis - LHP - COL - Northwestern State (LA): Greek God of Middle Relief?
#6 (190) - Andre Martinez - LHP - HS - Florida:
Trite But True: Lefties = Ungiveuponable
#11 (340) - Taylor Rogers - LHP - COL - Kentucky: Kentucky kid going pro? SHOCKING!!
#15 (460) - Jarret Leverett - LHP - COL - Georgia Southern: It's fun to rhyme!
#26 (790) - Justin Jones - LHP - COL - U of California:
No Renunciar a los Zurdos!
#27 (820) - Jared Grundy - LHP - COL - U of Kentucky: Unrelated to Zombie Solomon Grundy
#29 (880) - Sean Hagan - LHP - COL - St. John's U: Ikke gi opp "lefties"
#32 (970) - Andrew Ferreira - LHP - COL - Harvard: Sign Kid! That degree's useless!

Jacksonville Mascot/Future 4th Outfielder

Outfielders (9)
#1 (2) - Byron Buxton - OF - HS - Georgia: The Buck stops in MINNESOTA!!
#3 (97) - Adam Walker - RF - COL - Jacksonville U: Dad's an ex-Viking, Mom: ex-Ninja.
#14 (430) - Jake Proctor - CF - COL - Cincinnati: Stealing the Reds' local boy
#19 (580) - Jonathan Murphy - LF - COL - Jacksonville U: Two Dolphin outfielders! Flipper's proud
#20 (610) - Zach Larson - CF - HS - Florida: 18 and livin' the dream
#31 (940) - Tim Robinson - LF - HS - California: Middle of the order Upside
#34 (1030) - Bryan Haar - OF - COL - U of San Diego: Stealing the Padres' local boy
#36 (1090) - Brandon Bayardi - OF - COL - UNLV: Tempting to call him Boyardee...#39 (1180) - Steven Liquori - OF - HS - Georgia: WARNING: May inspire terrible puns

Finally, in other news, with the school year at a close I will likely have more time to write these little goofy things, so if you for some reason still put up with these shenanigans...stay tuned, we're just getting started.

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