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What to watch for in 2012

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Here is the thing that I am most looking forward to in the AL Central: with Ozzie now roaming South Beach, new White Sox manager Robin Ventura will be on my watch list. No, I don't think the Sox will be a factor in the division race. I am waiting for the first bench clearing brawl between the Sox and Twins. Nothing would be more epic than to see the Baby Jesus having said coach in a headlock giving him noogies out on the mound. Ok, it probably won't happen, but I can sure hope.

Now for my predictions for the division.....as if anyone cares what I think.

1. Detroit Tigers - replaced a very good Victor Martinez with an even better Prince Fielder to an otherwise unchanged team from last years Division winning roster.
2. Kansas City Royals - eventually all of this young offensive talent will be joined by at least average pitching.
3. Minnesota Twins - the losses of Cuddy and Kubel won't be noticed after the team breaks camp. Willingham will make people forget about Cuddy.
4. Cleveland Indians - Fat Fausto became skinny Fausto and then remembered who he really was, glorified AA lineup with soft tossing lefties = no chance
5. Chicago White Sox - here's a gimmick for Sox fans - Trek for Three (hundred), come on Adam, you can get there. 300 k's in one season would be the greatest thing ever.

Tune in next time for more arm-chair expert analysis.
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