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Every year I look at the Twins and say, "they have potential." I don't believe that I'm alone in this either. This season I felt that Pavano could potentially be a workhorse with an era around 3.90 and play the part of a veteran leader. Baker would finally be over his arm issues and be somewhat of an ace. Liriano would lighten up and dominate again. Blackburn would be able to be average and hold down a spot in the rotation. Hendriks would win a job over marquis and look rather steady in the rotation.

We all know how far off I was. Not one starter has been close to there potential. I don't believe that I ask to much. I don't believe that they can all be aces and rival the Phillys rotation. I just want them to play as well as I believe they can.

The same goes for the bats. The lineup we ran out against Oakland should potentially win us a lot of games. We have fast table setters with span and revere. Mauer could potential find his power again and hit the ball to right. Willingham would show a lot of XB power and drive in a bunch of runs. And the bottom of the lineup could look respectable.

I find it safe to say that the bats haven't played up to there potential (apart from possibly Willingham). I feel like they can all reach my request. They don't have to all be all-stars, just play within themselves and do what they have the ability to do.

Im not here to start up any fire Gardy/Andy/vavra chants, frankly I'm sick of hearing it. But something most be causing this team to miss its potential. Not one or two players, but essentially the whole team. Not just once, but two years now. What will it take?

I still believe that this team has the "potential" to win a playoff series against the Yankees or whoever. For some reason though we fail as a team to reach our potential. It's sad because this is a team to be excited about but they disappoint more often than they excite.
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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Totally with you on seeing the potential with this team if they could just get their starters together.
  2. Chance's Avatar
    Liriano just showed his potential
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