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Value of healthy Morneau and Span

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These next two months are huge for the Twins and their future. With the trade deadline approaching I feel the two players with legit value, if healthy, are Morneau and Span. I think Span should be no problem in getting us a good return in prospects with his play and team friendly contract. The tricky one is Morneau. If he can stay healthy and put up some strong numbers in these next 2 months I can see a couple of teams competing for him. To me I think St. Louis is the team to watch. Losing Berkman hurt them and they are not afraid to gamble on a proven player with a fragile body (Berkman-Beltran). We need some talent in the system and these 2 players are the way to get it.
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  1. ltwedt's Avatar
    I don't believe the Twins will trade "Mornie" - not saying they shouldn't, just saying the won't!
  2. kirbyelway's Avatar
    I think if they can they should. He is past his prime and I just don't think he is in their future. By far one of my favorite players when he had his run of greatness.
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    There is no way the Twins trade Morneau with the salary he has coming to him the next two years (this year and next year). Span is the one that everyone can see the Twins trading for a good return.
  4. kirbyelway's Avatar
    A good and healthy 2 months and Morneau has value at the trade deadline, mark my words!!! Former MVPs aren't the easiest to obtain and I will bet St. Louis comes a callin, with Washington and Atlanta trying to get their mitts on him too.
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