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Fire Dan Gladden

Baseball and Stupidity

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There are things in this game that are seriously driving me crazy. An example:

The Twins are up by three runs in the top of the ninth. Capps (or Perkins or Burton) is warming up in the pen to come in to pitch the bottom of the 9th for the save. The Twins hit a homerun making it a four run game. Capps will sit down and Burnett will start warming up. Why? Because it is no longer a save situation. The only instance in sports where a managers decision is based solely on whether or not a stat will be accumulated (Thank you Tony LaRussa). I could blame Gardy for this, but virtually all managers do this. It is insane. If they changed the save rule to be a 2 run lead or a 1 run lead, I wonder how "closer" management would be changed? Stupidity.

While I hate the save with a passion (I am with the argument that you use your best pitcher when they are needed the most, not necessarily the 9th inning), it is not the only thing currently annoying me:

-The Twins are pitching. The other team hits a homerun. The Twins hit the next batter and the umpire warns both benches. Why does the ump do this? Now the other team has to sit on this a "even the score" on another day. Stupidity. On top of that, Gardy will insist on coming out, arguing, and getting ejected on the pretext of "protecting" his players. Why? His players know how he feels about this, his ejection serves no purpose. Again, stupidity.

-The Twins are up 9-1 in the bottom of the 9th inning. Billy Butler leads off with a single. The Twins do not hold him on. He takes 2nd base without a throw. He does not get credit for a stolen base. Why? He is still taking a risk. If he trips and falls down halfway to second, the Twins would throw down and tag him out. He would get charged with a stolen base attempt and a caught stealing. You can't have it both ways. Stupidity.

-The White Sox are up 5-0 in the 8th inning and are pitching a no-hitter. Ben Revere comes up and lays down a bunt attempt. Whether it is successful or not, he will be crucified in the press for breaking an "unwritten rule". The Sox may even disparage the call. Why? Isn't the goal to win the game? To get hits and score runs? Stupidity. Many of the unwritten rules make little sense to me, but this one is really bad.

-Virtually all left handers are allowed to balk on pick-off attempts to 1st base (I'm talking to you Mark Buerhle). The 45 degree rule is rarely enforced. When it is, the world comes crashing down around the umpires. Why? Not because of the call, but because they don't call it consistently. Stupidity. Make it easy. Put a 45 degree line from the rubber. Pitcher steps over it when throwing to first? Balk.

What's getting under your skin?
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  1. Boom Boom's Avatar
    Well, on the bunting during a no-hitter thing...

    If it's 5-0 I don't want Revere bunting even if it is a no-hitter. Down by 5 runs that late I want him to try and hit a double and get into scoring position rather than bunt to try and break up the no-hitter.

    If it's 1-0, I say bunt away.
  2. mnfireman's Avatar
    Sacrifice bunting in the first or second inning. Giving up an out that early doesn't make sense, but Gardy did it consistently during interleague play. Also when a pitcher hits a batter when he's ahead 0-2. Pitch inside yes, but not that far.
  3. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    Do agree with the save situation.....unbelievable that you manage to accumulate stats.
    Rest I dont have a problem with.
    Stolen base credits could be a reason that they numbers are down in steals from past decades.
  4. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I like this post. Except for the defensive indifference, I completely agree with thes.
  5. one_eyed_jack's Avatar
    1) The ridiculous refusal to expand replay, and some of the silly elements against it. (e.g. "I like the human element". Really? I'm glad surgeons and airline pilots don't think this way and resist using the aid of technology in their professions because of some irrational fondness for human error.)

    2) Takeout slides and home plate collisions should be forbidden. They create unnecessary risks of injury and add nothing to the game.

    3) Agree on "unwritten rules". If it's that bad, then officialize it and write it into the rules. Otherwise, it's legal and no grounds for complaint.

    4) Not crazy about the whole closer thing. I don't like the way 'saves' are define, but I grew up watching guys like Goose Gossage enter the game in the seventh inning with guys on base and go the rest of the way. They were called "firemen" for a reason. But starting the 9th with a 3-run lead? Please.
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