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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Can the Twins improve going forward? What do we hope for at the May 16th mark?

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I wanted to take a look at some points that have been hot topics for the last couple weeks. I wanted to look at the best way to improve the teams performance right now, and as the homer would say right the ship.

At this point being 10 games back and being 15 games under .500, I am not giving the Twins much of any chance of doing anything, but I can talk about it. I also want to mention some Joe Mauer topics that have been a non stop thing the last couple weeks.

Joe Mauer is healthy!! Joe Mauer is also a slow starter, it is only mid May. Joe Mauer is starting to get boring to watch. We have seen this before, except now it is in spots where it doesn't make much impact in the games. I am going to throw out a couple of scenarios: 1. To make Joe Mauer worth the 23M he will be making he has to learn to hit the ball for power. There is no question his value is a lot higher in the #3 spot in the lineup, then the number 2. If he doesn't hit for power we really need to suck it up and throw Mauer in the 2 spot. This is the main reason why I think we need to unload Vavra. The worth of Mauer is worth more than keeping Vavra around. Yes I know this may not be the be all for him to hit for power, but it wouldn't hurt at all at this point. I have watched the same thing from Mauer now and it isn't spectacular. I am sure Mauer wants to do more, I am not sure he knows what to do at this point. I know he is smart enough to give the team a chance for him to hit the ball out of the park. If we are not going to change, then lets change the lineup. I really think we are going to get the .298/5 HR year from Mauer. YES! great spot batting #2, not worth the 23M a year unless he can catch more often than he is now. I was a proponent for the deal, I probably always will, but if we have to be stuck with the performance, lets put him in the places he needs to be.

Lets say we can right the ship this year, Yes it is a long shot, but what the hell else is there to talk about at this point.

Move Vavra, bring in somebody else, we need a change for some of the reasons I mentioned above.

Span, CF
Mauer, C
Doumit, DH
Willingham, LF
Morneau, 1B
Plouffe, 3B
Dozier, SS
Carroll, 2B
Revere, RF

Casilla Utility
Butera Bench Yes, this would have to happen I think

Hendriks, Liriano to replace when he gets the confidence back

The rest of the bullpen has been very surprisingly good. Eliminate Capps from the "closer" role and go by committee. I don't care what that looks like, we just can't have Capps close games, or out there in just "save" situations or tie game situations in the 9th.

The main changes would be Vavra gone, Mauer batting #2, keep Diamond up, bring Hendriks back up, put Duensing in the starting rotation, eliminate the closer role. If Morneau can swing the bat, the lineup just gets soooo much better. Once Valencia got sent down, and Morneau is healthy the offense gets a lot better. The team gets a lot better. Let me be the homer we all are and just hope something miraculous happens. If I was the front office, I would do these things on May 17th in the middle of the AL Central part of the schedule.

After all said and done, I can't watch Blackburn/Marquis pitch anymore, we have 0 chance of winning with them on the mound unless the Twins put up 8 runs in a game. We are stuck with Blackburn, the Twins are going to have to eat the 3 million from Marquis. Lets change that up so I can watch games that the opponents don't have 4 runs by the 4th inning.
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  1. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    I am also in favor of the closer by committee idea. "Closers" (like Mariano Rivera, or Joe Nathan in his prime) are for winners. Unless this team pulls of about 12 wins in a row, I don't think it's necessary to use Capps, our most expensive bullpen arm, solely in 9th inning situations wherein the Twins have a lead (or are tied and at home, per Gardy's prediliction with that).
  2. Top Gun's Avatar
    I think you are nuts!
  3. rogrulz30's Avatar
    I am nuts. I can be, as I said miraculous scenario, why not??
  4. ping3woodguy's Avatar
    Let's see, closer by committee seems idiotic to me. So the far the bullpen has been the least of the Twin's problems. Capps is 8 for 8 this year and is pitching fine. The rest of the bullpen is pitching well in their spots as well, why change it. While I understand the frustration with Mauer hitting 3rd there are not alot of good options for the Twins right now. Dozier is doing well hitting 2nd and hopefully Morneau starts hitting and we can see what they can do with the main guys back together for a change. I really think they either need to trade Span for some pitching or have him play right field more and let Revere play center. It is time to keep Revere and get his speed back in the lineup along with his glove. Span has played quality right field before and has the arm for it.
  5. rogrulz30's Avatar
    The bullpen has played very well, well above expectations. I know Capps is 8/8, he has improved from the beginning of the season, I am personally not a "closer", "save" guy, I think we would do better by committee. As I stated in previous posts, if I have e.g. Cabrera, then Fielder, with a guy on up by 1 in the 8th, I would really have to think I am going to go Capps, then Perkins to get those guys out there, rather than wait and put your "closer" in, in a "save" situation, that is the stupidest saying ever, "Up 2, facing the 6,7,8 I am glad we saved our "save" guy for this rather than facing the best hitters in the 8th. Way overrated!!!
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