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Big Ten Tournament Time

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Final standings:
1. Purdue 17-7 .708 41-12 .774
2. Indiana 16-8 .667 30-26 .536
3. Penn State 15-9 .625 29-25 .537
4. Nebraska 14-10 .583 34-21 .618
5. Michigan State 13-11 .458 35-19 .648
6. Ohio State 11-13 .458 31-25 .554
Illinois 11-13 .458 28-25 .528
Minnesota 11-13 .458 29-27 .518
9. Iowa 10-14 .417 23-27 .460
10. Michigan 8-16 .333 22-34 .393
11. Northwestern 6-18 .250 18-36 .333

Today's games: Penn State vs. Ohio State and Nebraska vs. Michigan State

Purdue is the only team guaranteed of advancing to the CWS without winning the tournament. Michigan State is the only other team with a chance. The rest are going to have to win the Big Ten tournament and get an automatic bid.

I don't see that happening. The Boilermakers are in a class by themselves in this conference.

Next week I will give a final rundown of all of the draft-worthy players, but here are the guys to watch in the tournament (and CWS):

Kevin Plawecki
Nick Wittgren
(cut above the rest)
Eric Charles
Cameron Perkins
Blake Mascarello

Sam Travis (the freshman will get drafted, but he will likely stay another year at IU)
Kyle Schwarber
Joey DeNato

Penn State:
Jordan Steranka
Joe Kurrasch

Michael Pritchard
Josh Scheffert
Chad Christensen

Michigan State:
Tony Bucciferro
Ryan Jones
David Garner
Jordan Keur
Torsten Boss

That's a list of 18 guys who could be in the minors later this year (and add T.J. Oakes)

I will be posting more after today's games.
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  1. twinswon1991's Avatar
    Never underestimate Ersrad and his boys. They are by far the scariest team for Purdue.
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