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Bark's Lounge "Signing Out"

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First of all, put Eddie Rosario up for sale in the "Adopt a Prospect" forum. As of this blog I am finished with this "Twins Daily" stuff. For most of the time I enjoyed my time on this sight, but seemingly felt stifled as my blogs/threads/comments did not enact much response. Yes, in a way I can see why they did not. It seems like I made a mistake and should have left this sight well alone. The hierarchy on this sight have made it seemingly clear they want it fairly straight and narrow and do not want much negative or fun play. This is an awful team and I am astonished by the number of folks who wear rose colored glasses and continue on their praise for this broken organization. I love the Twins. but only to a certain extent. It seems from my viewpoint that the powerful higher-ups on this sight, bully and demean commentators for their lack of insight and lack of fanitude in such a smug way that it is hard to stomach... except for John Bonnes - he is realistic and seemingly kind. It would be funny if this "article" or whatever you guys call it make it to the front page.


Bark - VIVA Saint Louis Cardinal!!!!
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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Most blog entries are either not commented on, or the comments are very few. Not sure about your comments . . .

    Anyway, it take all kinds to have a diversified community of contributors. I could hardly describe the general atmosphere as "rose-colored"!!!
  2. Nick Nelson's Avatar
    Sorry to lose you. I enjoyed reading your viewpoints.
  3. James's Avatar
    Whenever I have seen your stuff, I have enjoyed it. It seems like it is pretty tough to stay on the front page here. Sorry to see you go.
  4. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    Funny, I would say it is the exact opposite. It's hard sometimes to sift through all of the "fire Gardy, fire all the front office, promote everybody" garbage to find decent articles.

    I would have to say that Bark and Souhan must be related considering their comments and articles always have the same tone. I guess he needs another tree to "Bark" up...
  5. one_eyed_jack's Avatar
    Don't know why you think you made a mistake. This is a great site, and I think there's a healthy range of viewpoints represented. And as for the "rose colored glasses" thing, I don't know that anyone feels that way. We all know the team has stunk it up, but it's a lot more fun to think about possibilities for renewal than to find new ways to pee on everyone in the organization.

    And don't take it personally on the lack of blog comments. I read them, as did many others. But I find, as many others do, that the amount of stuff worth commenting on far exceeds the amount of time I have to devote to commenting.
  6. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    One thing to consider, Bark and others, is that we all have full-time jobs, families and other obligations beyond writing here. If people write a blog and feel it's really good and you want people to check it out, you should consider linking to it in the Forum as well. That will push people to the link, to the blog, and hopefully to more and more comments.

    To be honest, I see very little 'rosy' comments on the 2012 Twins roster here, or anywhere, and rightfully so. If I look at the front page, the forum and the blogs, it's hard to find much positive.
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