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Prospect watch update

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I waited almost a full month to update the status of my "prospects to watch." I actually wish I could attribute the lag to laziness, but I was waiting for some of these guys to turn it around so that I would look smarter. It didn't really work out that well, but there is some progress:


JD Williams, OF (Age: 21.6, SH): 111 PA, .222/.306/.313 (.619), 7/1/0, 11/34, 8/10. Williams is exciting and he is slowly hitting better as the year goes on. End of Year: Should finish 2012 in Beloit.

Tyler Grimes, IF (21.11, RH): 119, .180/.311/.350 (.661), 9/1/2, 13/20, 4/6. Grimes is not hitting much at all, but he is drawing walks. EoY: Should finish 2012 in Beloit.

Tim Shibuya, RHS (22.9) (SH-BOOYAH): 35 IP, 2.83 ERA, 30/7, 1.257 WHIP, 7.7/1.8 K/BB rate. Shibuya has been very good, with fairly similar projected numbers from last year, though the K/BB rate is down a bit (still fantastic though). EoY: Late season promotion to Fort Myers.


Danny Santana SS/2B/CF (21.6, SH): 150, .301/.320/.425 (.745), 5/2/3, 4/16, 4/7. I love what Santana has done this year. He will need to gain some plate discipline this year so that he doesn't turn into the MI version of Ben Revere (though Santana clearly actually possesses power). EoY: probably ends season in Fort Myers, could be pushed in August to New Britain.

Lance Ray, LF/RF (22.9, LH): 130, .239/.331/.440 (.771), 10/0/4, 16/28, 2/3. Very similar projections from last year's Beloit number, but with some added good news: Ray is striking out a lot less and drawing more walks. Mostly playing the corner OF positions, adding depth to the system there. EoY: likely to finish in Fort Myers, but could be pushed to New Britain in August.

Matt Hauser, RHR (24.2): 20.2, 3.48, 19/6, 1.258, 8.3/2.6. Hauser has basically repeated his 2011 FTM performance, but with more control. EoY: Should be promoted to New Britain soon and will finish 2012 there.

Pat Dean, LHS (23): 47.1, 3.23, 21/12, 1.415, 4.0/2.3. Dean's K rate is terrible. He's been effective, but he won't go anywhere with such a terribly low number of strikeouts. EoY: should finish at Fort Myers.


Logan Darnell, LHS (23.3): 36.2, 5.40, 23/15, 1.500, 5.6/3.7. Darnell is struggling as well and the K/BB rate is really bad. Instead of building off of 2011's 5.9/1.2, he has gone backwards. EoY: should finish in New Britain.


I will call this a mixed bag at this point. Williams and Grimes are young and can still get it together. Dean and Darnell are very disappointing and make the lack of good left-handed pitching in the system even more apparent with their struggles. On the other hand, Santana and Ray are exceeding expectations somewhat, and Hauser and Shibuya are performing very well.
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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Maybe an earlier than late-season promotion to Fort Myers for Shibuya.
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