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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Matt Capps, other Twins thoughts

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I was wrong with liking giving Matt Capps a second shot in the closer role. When we let Nathan go, I thought the rangers overpaid for him, we needed someone that was decent at the back end, I thought Capps would get over the struggles he had last year. I was dead wrong. I was the only one that liked it, I can admit now that we should have found another arm in the bullpen to finish games. I am still a big proponent of the closer by committee option, I think the Twins could still figure that out running Capps and Perkins from the 7th on. Last nights game was one of those where you absolutely need someone that can help win that game. Lots of excitement in the 8th inning for the Twins. Willingham and Doumit really picked up Mauer in a big spot, I had a lot of fun watching that, it gave me some hope that the Twins could pull this one off. Here comes "Cappsy", strolling to the mound giving up a run and destroying the comeback at home vs the division leaders. It really pissed me off, you really need that win!!!

Why can't Liriano pitch the fastball to contact? Does he have to throw a ball 2 ft outside the zone on every 0-1 pitch? I still think Liriano can get it, it is really mental, when he keeps the fastball down to lefties he is going to get them with the slider every time once he gets and stays ahead. It is also simple when he keeps the ball in on righties, throws the fastball up when ahead, they still can't catch up. I think a few weeks in the pen will fix Liriano, and hopefully get him on the right track to get some trade value for him byt the end of July.

This is the make or break 30 games for what will transpire in July, who is going to be leaving, what we can start watching for the AA, AAA guys. I have to say last nights game was fun to watch, seeing the new guys bring us back, it looked like fun. Have we really lost anything from Cuddyer/Kubel. I would say not so far. I think those two moves were very good, in saving a buck and maybe even gaining something. I will talk about this next time.
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  1. cr9617's Avatar
    I'm certainly not a fan of Capps, but he has pitch well to this point. I'm hoping he continues to pitch well enough to attract interest from other teams. Although I highly doubt other teams will overvalue him the way the Twins have....
  2. Montecore's Avatar
    A nice comeback and Capps just utterly destroyed it. It could've been a nice win, something to maybe build on. Can't they just get rid of the guy, now?
  3. jeffk's Avatar
    Runs happen sometimes. While the save statistic has its well-document issues, it's worth pointing out that Capps is 7/7. It just feels worse because they never win.
  4. rogrulz30's Avatar
    Capps has 7 saves, that stat is soooo over rated though. He has gotten quite lucky on a few of those. The biggest thing is, when your team comes back from 3 down, you need a shut down guy, Gardy, should not have put him out there.
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