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  1. Thanks Andrew. I appreciate your support and words of wisdom. You are the best of the best and I look forward to your next "Rock Cats" Updates.



    P.S.: Not sure what to make of he Bingingham Mets Thing? It seems sort of suspicious.
  2. Hey Bobby,

    I saw your "suicide blog" the other day, and was a little surprised. I think you should keep going with your stuff. Your writing is good (unlike some who post here), and I enjoy reading your opinions.

    TwinsDaily, and blogging in general, is tough and mostly thankless. Sometimes, I get an idea for a post that I think is great, and I'll only have 70 or so people read it, and no comments (even people disagreeing with me is better than nothing at all!). Other times, I'll post something just to sort of "keep up" with the Rock Cats coverage, and I'll have 200 page views and 5 comments. It's impossible to figure it out.

    It's also tough because some people on here really, really enjoy leaving snide comments, sort of like on the Star Trib boards, which is why I no longer post there.

    Definitely keep writing. Perhaps the best thing about this website is that everyone can have a voice, even if Seth, Parker, John and Nick's voices are a little bit louder!
  3. Hello TFFA. From the start on Twins Daily you gave me some good feedback and support. My game on the Twins Daily site has been out of whack of late and as the person I most respect on this site I hope you can keep some kind of faith in me. My last blog was pretty much a Twins Daily Suicide Blog. I have seemingly worked that out with JB, but I want you to know that that I am tightening up my game and i will put some good stuff out there. AA New Britain is where the real prospects go and you keep us informed to the utmost degree. I always look forward to your updates!
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