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  • Twins Trade Francisco Liriano To White Sox

    The Minnesota Twins traded Francisco Liriano to the White Sox tonight for infielder Eduardo Escobar and left-handed pitcher Pedro Hernandez. Liriano was scheduled to start Sunday's game versus the Cleveland Indians. Brian Duensing will take his turn in the rotation.

    Neither prospect the Twins received is highly, or even semi-highly, regarded. Escobar was not in Baseball America's list of the White Sox top 10 prospects prior to the season. He was #7 on Baseball Prospectus' list, but is listed as a 2-star (out of five) prospect.

    Escobar is just 23 years old and has spent this year in the majors with the White Sox. It's not clear why; it appears he have two option years left and it's hard to make a case that he's earned that promotion. Last year he hit .266 with a .303 OBP in AAA. In fact, his career OBP through all the levels of the minors is just .315 and he's struck out 100+ times in his last two years. Not too surprisingly, he's hitting .195 in the majors, albeit in just 92 plate appearances.

    Pedro Hernandez also did not not make Baseball America's top 10 and ranked 15th on the Baseball Prospectus list. He's pitched at three level this year: 12 starts in AA, two starts in AAA and a single major league start. But he's clearly been rushed through AAA with just six starts. He's 23 years old.

    He fits the stereotyped Twins pitcher - good control but not dominating stuff, or at least dominating as measure by strikeouts. His career minor league average is 7.4 K/9, which is below average. This year in AA he posted a 2.06 ERA - but also struck out just 37 batters in 68 IP. That's a lower rate than even Nick Blackburn had in AA.

    Hernandez has also never pitcher more than 116 inning in the minors or had more than 18 starts. He has been used as a reliever several time throughout the minors. However, he has shown outstanding control with a K to BB ratio approaching 5:1, although that has suffered as he has made his way up the minor league ladder.

    I've made the mistake several times of leaping to conclusions about lower level prospects that Terry Ryan has targeted who have turned out far better than I might have hoped. Jason Bartlett and Alexi Casilla both some to mind, and I'm sure there are more. But at first glance, it looks like Liriano was traded to a division rival for two C prospects that might fill needs but are long shots to have any long-lasting impact on the organization.
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    1. jorgenswest's Avatar
      jorgenswest -
      Do we realize that the talent on the 2013 Twins or the system has not changed?
    1. nokomismod's Avatar
      nokomismod -
      Quote Originally Posted by jorgenswest View Post
      Do we realize that the talent on the 2013 Twins or the system has not changed?
      Well maybe because Liriano will not be coming back, but let's see what these other guys can do first. If nothing else, we added two young bodies that have the potential to do something positive. A lot of folks here seem to think they could have brought in a lot more talent for Liriano, but I'm going to be believe that this was the best offer on the table.
    1. drjim's Avatar
      drjim -
      From my perspective I hoped for more in return but I was fooling myself. Lots of complaining in this thread and others but I really want to know what people expected out of this. Look at the thread under "Liriano's Value" he nailed it there.

      A qualifying offer to receive a draft pick was not going to happen. No team would have given up their first round pick to sign him, so Liriano would have taken the $12.4 mil and the Twins would have been stuck with him.

      I long advocated trading him as quickly as possible for as much as they can get. They did it, I've moved on.
    1. jctwins's Avatar
      jctwins -
      Now listed as Tuesday night's probable starter against Blackie. This could be a high scoring affair.
    1. chopper0080's Avatar
      chopper0080 -
      Meh, a pitcher at AAA and a SS with major league skills is better than a comp pick or Liriano at 12 mil. I don't love the deal and wish we could have gotten more, but I have to think this is about as valuable as Liriano is.
    1. Turd Furgeson's Avatar
      Turd Furgeson -
      Kevin Goldstein and Jason Parks have said that the White Sox have the worst farm system in the minors. Their best prospect is a relief pitching prospect. The fact that we didn't even get a top prospect in that system isn't encouraging.
    1. 70charger's Avatar
      70charger -
      Ok, hopefully trade time is done. This is just terrible. Trading within THE DIVISION is one thing, but doing it and getting next to nothing in return for a guy who at least is 50% very good, is absolutely ridiculous.

      Nope. June and July are not 50% of the season.

      Quote Originally Posted by shanewahl View Post
      We don't need a 5th starter type and a middle infielder with low upside.
      Very few people here seem to get it. Liriano IS a fifth starter. His ERA+ over the last six years is, frankly, ****ty.

      He. Is. Not. A. Good. Pitcher.

      Get over it!
    1. 70charger's Avatar
      70charger -
      Quote Originally Posted by notoriousgod71 View Post
      To recap:

      Pedro Hernandez, Eduardo Escobar, and Deolis Guerra=Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano

      This is so ridiculously wrong, it's ridiculous. Hey, let's not think for one second about how long these people were under contract with the Twins!

      I'd say that 2 months of Liriano losing late-season games for Minnesota is "worth" less than nothing. We should all be happy we got more than a bag of balls. The fact of the matter is that neither one nor the other was going to be a Twin for any more a couple of months at the time of their trade. Santana was good, granted, but Liriano is not.

      I'm going to be laughing at all of you when he's losing 10-15 games for whoever the hell he signs with next year, and for way too much money to boot.
    1. 70charger's Avatar
      70charger -
      Quote Originally Posted by DPJ View Post
      Jeez, you go camping and come back to this bull****.

      I can't add anything that already hasn't been said, so I'll keep it simple. THE TWINS FRONT OFFICE IS FULL OF MORONS.
      Well, I feel good. I've just been proven right. Anything that DPJ hates is clearly good for the Twins.
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