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  • Gleeman & the Geek Ep 34: Schmoes, Schlubs and Schmucks

    Big roster announcements prompt a debate about the Twins making decisions based on spring training performances. Here are:

    This article was originally published in blog: Gleeman & the Geek Ep 34: Schmoes, Schlubs and Schmucks started by John Bonnes
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    1. MWLFan's Avatar
      MWLFan -
      Thanks for the Podcasts guys. It gets me through a morning of Spreadsheets and numbers crunching once a week. May I suggest a Podcast from a Snappers game this year, of course someone would need to drive Aaron. Maybe a multi part cast recorded in the car on the way down with stops at various Wisconsin watering holes. I would choose some Brew pubs, Eau Claire has one just off the Interstate, the Dells has one and Madison has a couple that stand out, but you could choose some small town pubs with a less "cosmopolitan" feel then what would find in the Big City of Eau Claire. I have a feeling the outtakes would become the thing of legend. Either way it would be fun to hear one done down here while Sano and Rosario are around.
    1. OrangeDisk's Avatar
      OrangeDisk -
      I really appreciate your podcast, and I just got my husband hooked on it too. Thanks for the work that obviously goes into it.
    1. Captain Kirkus's Avatar
      Captain Kirkus -
      Loved the pause to hear the beer list.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      It is just a matter of time before John and Aaron come to blows... there will be fisticuffs!!
    1. John Bonnes's Avatar
      John Bonnes -
      I love the idea of the brew pub crawl and podcast. And Seth, you've sat in on one of these. You know it's in good fun. (Mostly.)
    1. MrHockey's Avatar
      MrHockey -
      Aaron seems to really get whipped about about the idea that the Twins are making their player evaluations based only on a few innings in spring training. This seems to be an invalid assumption. I assume that the Twins have the same "history" information that Aaron has and that information also goes into their evaluation. He is arguing sample size but what other factors should go into the decison making model? For any player, attitude, work ethic, previous history, fit would all make some sense to factor into the decison as to whether a player should make the major league roster or not. I guess what I would like to hear is what Aaron's decison making model should be in spring training? What would his system be?
    1. davidjcampbell's Avatar
      davidjcampbell -
      I love the podcast (gave you a great review on itunes) but you gotta find a way to realize when you aren't getting through to each other. You went so 'long' on Doyle it was ridiculous.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      The Doyle conversation is what kicked off the Twitter war on Tuesday night.
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