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  • Twins Hangouts: Tuesday, June 10.

    If you haven't noticed, it's Tuesday again. This week's Hangout had been listed as day-to-day which, in TwinsSpeak, could mean a day, a week, or possibly that we'd never do another Hangout again. You just. Don't. Know.

    But we're trying to give the term day-to-day a new meaning and that starts now: We're back. With no missed time. We've dealt with some not so great circumstances the last couple of weeks. Namely, key contributors (our computers) crapping the bed. But fear now. The Hangout lives on.

    So tonight, what are we going to talk about? We're going to cover the two biggest things to happen to the Twins over the last seven days: The Draft and Kendrys Morales. We've have to talk more, obviously, but that's where it begins...

    Miss an episode? Well, they're all available on our webpage and iTunes.

    9:00 Intro and talk about icy balloons.
    9:06 Kendrys Morales
    9:15ish Joe Mauer - and that only happened when we started to talk about where Morales fit into the "best lineup".
    9:33 Back to Morales
    9:43 Minor League update
    9:44 A.J. Pettersen retirement
    9:48 Kernels update
    10:04ish Miracle update
    10:20ish Rock Cats update
    10:35 Red Wings update
    10:40 Questions
    10:47 Draft (and we talked for a half hour)

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    1. lightfoot789's Avatar
      lightfoot789 -
      Can you see any Miracle players moving up to AA by July 1st? and Why?

      Could you see a AA line-up like this at some point in this season:
      1) Buxton (CF)
      2) Polanco (SS)
      3) Rosario (2B)
      4) Sano (DH)
      5) Vargas (1B)
      6) Walker (RF)
      7) R. Rodriguez (LF)
      8) Koch (C)
      9)Wickens (3B)

      And if you did - Would they struggle or likely be as potent as Cedar Rapids or Miracle were in 2013?
    1. KOHG's Avatar
      KOHG -
      Do you think Morales may have a multi year contract with the twins at the end of the season. Especially, when both KC and Willingham are coming off the books.
    1. lightfoot789's Avatar
      lightfoot789 -
      Why is vargas hitting better in AA than A+?

      Isn't the Eastern league suppose to be a hitters league as opposed to FSL?
    1. lightfoot789's Avatar
      lightfoot789 -
      When do you embrace who a guy is? .250 to .270 BA and leads the league every year in HRs and RBI. Is that enough for you at the MLB level if he has a OBP of .300? Thats the question you need to ask yourself. And his team is always in 1st place?
    1. gil4's Avatar
      gil4 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lightfoot789 View Post
      When do you embrace who a guy is? .250 to .270 BA and leads the league every year in HRs and RBI. Is that enough for you at the MLB level if he has a OBP of .300? Thats the question you need to ask yourself. And his team is always in 1st place?
      If he does it at every level he will get the chance to try to do it at the MLB level as well, as long as there's not some glaring weakness in his game that you aren't mentioning. If you're talking about Walker, if he can hit .250-270 with a .300 OBP and hit with the same kind of power he has been showing so far, then it will probably be enough. If it's closer to this year's performance, he will be marginal. If it's closer to last year, he will be very good. The fact that his team is always in first place makes no difference at all

      He's 22 and in the FSL, so he doesn't have a lot of extra time to work with.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      22 is NOT old for the FSL, at all.
    1. Emjcee's Avatar
      Emjcee -
      Disclaimer: Unabashed Tim Shibuya fan; no attempt at critical thinking or impartiality.

      Good show fellows,thanks for what you do. Everything you said about Tim Shibuya is true. He is all those things and more. I did detect a little stumbling around about a couple of things, though.

      1. (You were right, Seth) Tim graduated from the Univ. of Calif.-San Diego (UCSD), Division 2, not to be confused, but often is, with Univ. of San Diego (USD) and San Diego State (CSUSD), both D 1.

      2. After surgery to remove a bone spur from his shoulder (Oct. 2012) and rehab/ST/EST in Fort Myers (Jan./ June 2013) he did VERY well in Elizabethton and Cedar Rapids. In fact, he was the TOPPS Player of the Month for the Midwest League for August (Buxton received the same recognition for the Florida State League) and Midwest League Pitcher of the Week for the last week of August /first week of Sept.

      3. Knitting (Right on, Jeremy) Wyoming winters=Tim knows wool hats! This is something, I suspect, the Latin players and the guys from the South appreciated during Beloit’s Spring. There was a cute article in the StarTribune in 2012 about this topic. It says more, though, about this group of kids going through the Twins’ system than it does about the knitting.


      I suspect (know) the knitting equipment is stored away in Wyoming while he’s in Florida.

      Thanks, Guys!
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