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    There's really no way to put a positive spin on Vance Worley's start Tuesday night. With his chance of making the team very much on the line after back-to-back clunkers, the righty came out and delivered the worst outing of this spring -- for him or any other Twins starter.

    The final line: 2.2 IP, 7 ER, 11 H, 2 BB, 1 K. Six doubles allowed. ZERO swinging strikes on 61 pitches.

    Reflecting on the game, a dejected Worley couldn't find words to explain the disastrous performance.

    "I threw some good pitches to [Evan Longoria], and he's definitely one of the better hitters in that lineup," Worley said, referring to his lone strikeout victim in the second inning. "And, um…"

    He paused for a moment.

    "Things happen. I really don't even know how to elaborate on that."

    Assistant general manager Rob Antony said before the game that the Twins would likely wait a little while yet to make decisions on any of the contenders for their fifth rotation spot, unless it became "obvious" that one was out of the running.

    It appears that we have reached that point with Worley, who has allowed 12 earned runs on 21 hits in 7 2/3 innings over his last three spring outings, with only 12 days remaining until the season opener.

    Worley insists that he's feeling good in his bullpen sessions, and that his pitches were moving the way he wanted them to in the game but he just couldn't seem to locate. It's a refrain we've heard before, and one that usually precedes a demotion. There are few things more concerning to a manager than a guy essentially throwing his hands up in the air.

    At this point the only real question surrounding Worley is whether he'll be working on figuring things out in Rochester or in another organization. The 26-year-old is out of options, and despite his tumultuous run since coming over from Philadelphia, the Twins would rather not lose him. Pitching depth is pitching depth, and the righty maintains some upside even if it's clear he doesn't belong in the majors right now.

    His brutal results this spring, in combination with his struggles last year, may be enough to dissuade other teams from claiming him. That would allow Worley to stay with the Twins and head to Triple-A, where he would likely join the pitcher who came over with him from the Phillies, Trevor May.

    There's your positive spin, I guess.
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    1. cmathewson's Avatar
      cmathewson -
      Quote Originally Posted by jimv2 View Post
      The problem the Twins have is that he does have upside. He has proven major league ability. But can it be tapped again? We could stash him in the bullpen for a while, using him only in low stress situations like mopping up forgone losses, and maybe he could find himself before we get to the point in May where bullpen depth becomes critical. The DL possibility someone proposed could work.
      He has no upside. The Twins are just hoping he captures the magic from 2011. That was 3 years ago. Not worth thinking about. He's done, at least until he can learn another pitxh.
    1. LaBombo's Avatar
      LaBombo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kwak View Post
      Would one good game actually change anything? Pitchers are stacking-up in the system
      Of course one good game can change anything. It's the Twins. Scouting trumps spring training trumps anything with numbers in it. But if you feel that the Twins organization is suffering from a glut of effective starter candidates, well, optimism is pretty cool, but...?
    1. Riverbrian's Avatar
      Riverbrian -
      Quote Originally Posted by cmathewson View Post
      He has no upside. The Twins are just hoping he captures the magic from 2011. That was 3 years ago. Not worth thinking about. He's done, at least until he can learn another pitxh.
      I think that is a good observation. Worley needs another MLB pitch. He ain't mixing things up.
    1. darin617's Avatar
      darin617 -
      Toronto would claim him. Just like the last couple of seasons they claim almost everyone and try to slip them through waivers to the minors.
    1. twinsnorth49's Avatar
      twinsnorth49 -
      I don't see how they give him another start, he's been just abysmal. Time to waive him and give all remaining innings to guys who at least have a chance of coming North.

      I also don't see much of a future for Vanimal with the Twins except as a possible long shot middle reliever if he halfway gets his act together in AAA.
    1. Jimmy12120's Avatar
      Jimmy12120 -
      I haven't been a fan of Worley since we first saw him with the twins last spring, but we are in an interesting situation when it comes to pitching depth. We lost a number of almost major league ready pitchers, some with a lot of potential. First, we lost Liam Hendricks, which was great since fans were tired of seeing him get more chances. We lost nick Blackburn, which was great since he was one of our higher paid pitchers last year and pretty much never pitched. We lost Pedro Hernandez who showed promise sometimes. We lost P.J. Walters who many forget came up with Scott Diamond in 2012 and sparked that good stretch in June and July before going on the dl. He was also the first pitcher that year to throw a compete game. We lost Andrew Albers, but idk if he would ever be good on the major league level. Lastly we lost Cole Devries to free agency. devries had a phenomenal spring in 2013 before getting injured and didn't do too bad in his rookie year. I think he had a lot of potential. Now or triple A team will have a bunch of players promoted from double A, and Vance Worley. Im glad the twins front office got us some starting pitching, but i think we lost some good stuff. The worst part is that we only got compensated for Andrew Albers...
    1. spycake's Avatar
      spycake -
      It should be noted that Worley was never a top prospect. 3rd round pick reached the majors quickly, but his 2011 MLB K rate (and general effectiveness) was actually quite a jump from anything he had done before or since. He was still useful overall in 2012, though, and it certainly doesn't explain his absolute crash the past year, but there is some precedent for volatility in his performance.

      He and May were two projects when acquired, and probably necessary given the state of Twins pitching at the time. The Twins counted on Worley a little too much last year, and neither guy is working out as hoped so far, but that's not exactly unprecedented for pitching projects. Hopefully the trend reverses soon with our other acquisitions/promotions.
    1. tobi0040's Avatar
      tobi0040 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Riverbrian View Post
      I think that is a good observation. Worley needs another MLB pitch. He ain't mixing things up.
      Yeah, at a minimum he needs another pitch. These guys with an 89 mph fastball that doesn't move have no margin for error.
    1. Sconnie's Avatar
      Sconnie -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dantes929 View Post
      That's funny and you are probably right. Thing is if he has two good outings I don't think that should be enough for him to go north but it might be enough to keep him from passing through waivers. By the way, this is in response to a prior poster but I was completely kidding about asking him to tank his next game. Best result for the Twins is if he passes waivers and goes to the minors. That's the gut check. If he earns his way back then I tip my cap to him and hope he does well but that is the way it should be done. If he fails then we would rather him do it at the minor league level and that is just the nature of the game.
      Sorry I missed the joke. I think you're right, it would only take a good start or two for a pitching needy team to claim hm.
    1. ashburyjohn's Avatar
      ashburyjohn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sconnie View Post
      Sorry I missed the joke. I think you're right, it would only take a good start or two for a pitching needy team to
      ... not waive him.
    1. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
      YourHouseIsMyHouse -
      Quote Originally Posted by UCLA_YANKEE_COLA View Post
      It is crazy that he is only a month older than Kyle Gibson. That makes it hard to just write him off. Hopefully he can make it through waivers and land in Rochester. I wouldn't hold my breath on him turning it around but it's not impossible to envision him in St. Louis starting a playoff games in 2 years.
      Gibson ain't no spring chicken either. He's pretty old and despite his limited opportunities, his window is closing soon too.

      Anyway last spot between Deduno, Diamond, and Gibson. Diamond has been awful and Gibson has an option I believe. It's Deduno's (who's been fantastic in ST) to lose.
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