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  • Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 134: Cribs, Mat Garza and Bathroom Etiquette

    Aaron and John go on a tour of Aaron's new place in Uptown and talk about Matt Garza reportedly turning down the Twins' sizable offer, Pedro Florimon's grasp on the shortstop job, when not to use someone's bathroom, Liam Hendriks' waiver wire tour, investing in a marriage, working from coffee shops, Josh Willingham's future, our survey, mailbag questions from listeners, hanging out at Bar Abilene with Meatsauce, speed dating, and the joys of parking. You can listen by clicking below, or download us from iTunes, Stitcher or find it at GleemanAndTheGeek.com.

    Here's the breakdown:

    0:30 – Aaron’s new Uptown Bachelor Pad tour.
    6:00 – Getting stuck in the snow
    11:30 – Aaron Gleeman = Scott Seekins
    13:30 – Coffee shop etiquette
    16:05 – Bar Abilene
    19:00 – Pedro Florimon
    21:30 – Shortstop options
    25:30 – Becoming Yankee fans
    27:40 – Matt Garza
    38:00 – Josh Willingham Wants To Stay
    41:20 – Matt Guerrier delay
    43:30 – Matt Capps is hurt
    45:30 – CC Sabathia
    48:00 – Playing basketball
    51:15 - Liam Hendriks
    53:30 – CenturyLink and bathroom etiquette
    1:02:00 – Working from a coffee house
    1:05:00 – Modern Marriage
    1:17:00 – Uptown Notes
    1:18:40 – Speed Dating Event
    1:21:20 – Our Survey
    1:23:00 – Mailbag

    This article was originally published in blog: Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 134: Cribs, Mat Garza and Bathroom Etiquette started by John Bonnes
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      Paul Pleiss -
      I don't like commenting on articles or forums with more than a page of comments. I do, however, like listening to the podcast. Keep up the good work. And thanks for not mentioning gout for the last month plus.
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