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  • #Meltdown Countdown: Day 4

    With four days to the #Meltdown, we’re very excited to announce that Jon Paley, the co-director of Pelotero, will be joining us to talk about the making of Pelotero and of the sequel, The Miguel Sano Story. Pelotero is an acclaimed documentary that shows the pressures that ballplayers from the Dominican Republic face when trying to escape poverty by drawing a major league team’s attention - and the resulting life-changing money. It follows two Dominican prospects, one of whom is Miguel Sano, the #2 prospect in the Minnesota Twins farm system.

    The sequel, which will follow Sano through his minor league career to the major leagues, was funded as a Kickstarter project and completed funding last April. Filming will continue until Sano is called to the major leagues, after which the film will be edited and released. Paley will answer questions about Sano, the process of being an independent filmmaker and give insights to the rewards and challenges that Sano faces making his way through the Twins minor league system.

    Paley will follow Minnesota Twins President Dave St. Peter, who will be speaking and also answering questions from the Twins Daily faithful. If you can’t be there, don’t sweat it – you can submit questions in our forum. And the event will also feature lots of baseball socializing with two complimentary craft brews and a free Twins Daily pint glass. And we may have some additional giveaways, too….

    For those of you who were lucky enough to get tickets, the festivities start at 5:00 on Saturday, January 25th at Mason’s Barre and Restaurant. And for those that didn’t – stay tuned. I really hope go give you some better news later this week....
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    1. SouthDakotaFarmer's Avatar
      SouthDakotaFarmer -
      Thanks for the article. I had to watch Pelotero for the 4th time on Netflix. Then I started watching youtube videos of Sano. Kind of makes me feel tingly inside. Bring him up in July!
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Well put. We should encourage people to ask questions for Paley here about the movies, making them, process, etc.

      Also, people will certainly want to pay attention to Twins Daily the next couple of days...
    1. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
      Twins Fan From Afar -
      You guys attending the #Meltdown are in for a treat. I met a couple of the guys doing the filming last season in New Britain. They were really, really nice, and truly cared about the product (which comes through if you watch Pelotero). Did you know that the arranged for the home plate ump to wear a helmet-cam to record Sano's first AA at-bat? I believe it ended in a walk, so maybe a little anti-climatic. But that's the kind of stuff they do.

      I hope there are some good questions.

      I'm extremely jealous I won't be there. Maybe next year??
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