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  • Where have all the Twins Bromances gone?

    Thereís often discussion about clubhouse chemistry and the effect on a teamís performance, but letís take that one step further and talk about bromances. Although, realistically, the presence of a close male pair has nothing to do with a teamís win/loss record, they can provide moments of delight in both winning and losing seasons. Join me now as I look back on the bromances of Twins yore.

    Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau: Duhhhh. Joe and Justin are the quintessential Twins Bromance: One, a mild mannered hometown boy with the personality of a glass of lukewarm Kemps skim milk, the other a rebellious Canadian with a love for AC/DC. Several years ago, the two were roommates and Sports Illustrated even wrote a profile about it, which, if for some reason you havenít read, stop everything and read it. Now.

    (Twins sluggers Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau share a - 09.25.06 - SI Vault)
    Pictures (Cribs: Joe Mauer & Justin Morneau - Photos - SI.com)

    Seriously, so many good moments: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the vending machine that dispensed Miller Light and "root beer for Joe.Ē THE PICTURES. I donít care if youíre a burly hetero dude, this stuff is adorable.

    Of course wives and children came along and the roommates had to split up years ago, but the friendship lives on. Iím pretty sure any trade offers that have come along for Morneau have been personally vetoed by Joe himself.

    Denard Span/Ben Revere: Ben and Denard, or ďBenardĒ as I just decided to call them, were the traditional big brother/little brother bromance model. It was clear how much Ben looked up to Denard, the slightly older veteran who played the same position as him, and was just a little bit cooler. And I mean, their twitter conversations were legendary.

    We agree, Trevor, we agree.

    Kevin Slowey/Glen Perkins: Itís not cool to like Slowey anymore, but this is the guy that hugged every Twins pitcher when they came off the mound, and danced with R.A. Dickeyís kids in the outfield during postgame concerts. He brought a lot to the adorableness table. And he and Glen Perkins were super besties and possibly still are. Whenever one was asked about their favorite teammate, theyíd always say the other. Perkins was a groomsman in Kevinís wedding this past offseason, so hereís hoping the bromance is still going strong.

    In that same era, we canít forget Matt Guerrier/Jesse Crain the pitching pair who boasted of ďholding hands as they walked out to the dugoutĒ during the division clinching celebration in 2010. And there was also Carlos Gomez/Alexi Casilla who had more personality and energy than the rest of the Twins dugout combined.

    So where are the current Twins Bromances now? Do Andrew Albers and Chris Herrmann secretly have sleepovers every weekend? Do Brian Dozier and Chris Colabello play Monopoly on the bus on the way to the game? Or have the Twins become a team devoid of these relationships and this is the reason for their demise? Ok, no, but as Iím always on the lookout for anything quirky and amusing to add spice to the season, I think itís time for some modern Twins Bromances to make themselves known.
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    1. Sconnie's Avatar
      Sconnie -
      Don't forget Jacques Jones and Torrii Hunter. No "Soul Patrol" on this team no matter how much I want it.
    1. ChiTownTwinsFan's Avatar
      ChiTownTwinsFan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sconnie View Post
      Don't forget Jacques Jones and Torrii Hunter. No "Soul Patrol" on this team no matter how much I want it.
      The 'soul patrol' was a 3-some, actually, with Jones, Hunter and Lawton.
    1. Brad Swanson's Avatar
      Brad Swanson -
      I loved the dugout hugs. Baseball is too macho; the hugs balanced things out.
    1. Coach J's Avatar
      Coach J -
      Don't forget about Gardy and Nick Punto..... wait!
    1. Sconnie's Avatar
      Sconnie -
      Quote Originally Posted by ChiTownTwinsFan View Post
      The 'soul patrol' was a 3-some, actually, with Jones, Hunter and Lawton.
      Oh yeah! Matt Lawton! Bro mťnage e trois
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