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    Equipped with an unhealthy obsession with GIANT Sunflower Seeds, Parker Hageman blends statistical analysis, scouting acumen and a dash of wit into his breakdowns.

    A founding member of the TwinsCentric consortium, Hageman has provided content for the Offseason GM Handbooks, Maple Street Press Twins Annuals (2010 and '11) as we as the Minnesota Twins 2010 Official Team Yearbook. In addition to the TwinsCentric portfolio, he has contributed elsewhere including RotoWorld, BaseballDigest.com, The Hardball Times 2009, '10 and '11 Season Previews, GameDay’s Dugout Splinters and Scorecards and has been a consulting writer for Inside Edge, a scouting service for baseball teams and media outlets.

    A graduate of Saint Cloud State University and current resident of Chanhassen, Hageman lives with his ever-patient girlfriend, Heather, and their beautiful daughter, Avery, who yearn for the off-season so that they can have the TV back. You can follow him on twitter at @OverTheBaggy.
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    1. ND-Fan's Avatar
      ND-Fan -
      I read and listened to you on Gleeman and Geek. I being a fan of the Twins like look at some of statistical stuff of the Twins try to figure out what the Twins reasoning and planning may be and how they screwed up over the year. I was watching other night and I wondered what would be if Twins record be if KC and Cleveland hadn't improved as much this year over the Twins from last year or even previous couple years. The Twins record is 7 and 17 against the KC and Cleveland this year and if would apply last years winning percentages against this record the record would be 15 and 9. If you change these records around now you would have Twins with 63 and 62 just above 500 and at least be playing some significant games going down the stretch. The Twins this year fell down by not keeping up to KC and Cleveland in the off season both teams added significant strengths to their teams while the Twins slightly improved their team from last year. I hear you guys always talk about teams in other divisions but it really comes down now to if you can win against your own division to make the playoff. Then from their it depends if you get hot and lucky at right time because playoffs don't favor any team built for long haul but team that puts forth maximum effort and luck of bounce in their favor. Now getting back to the Twins if the Twins would have signed top pitcher and midlevel starter along with signings they did do they would have been in the playoff hunt. Also they would be in position to bring along their pitching prospects in orderly fashion. I think everyone answer is Ryans fault but its ownership because they are ones approving payroll and ones wanting to control payroll. Ryan fits ownership style in that he's comfortable in managing building from within and picking up bargains until they build a contender. Now for fan its miserable scenario it means several years of winners like we experienced and then decade of loosing and being at bottom to obtain enough drafted talent to compete. If you miss in the draft then it just prolongs misery. All the while ownership continues to make a profit no matter what but I would like to see where ownership looses revenue or is forced into either improving team or new ownership is required.
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