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  • Welcome to the New Twins Daily!

    In preparation for the looming 2013 baseball season, we've rolled out a new look for TwinsDaily.com. You should find the new site easier to navigate, easier to read, and hopefully, find your experience an improved one all-around. We've worked to better integrate the forums with the front page, linking the two with widgets to see what is happening in various sections of the website.
    Also, be sure to mark March 23rd on your calendars, as that is the first Twins Daily viewing party of 2013. It will be hosted at 612 Brew in Minneapolis with the game scheduled to kick off at 12:05pm Central Time. Come by and join us to watch the Twins take on the Tampa Bay Rays!

    As always, any new site will "feature" its host of bugs and problems. This is the first time I've done a complete redesign of the site using this software so if you see any problems with how the site appears on your browser, be sure to mention it below!

    Thanks again for visiting Twins Daily and we hope you enjoy all the work we've done to continue improving the site.
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    1. Brock Beauchamp's Avatar
      Brock Beauchamp -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ultima Ratio View Post
      Will the green light come back to indicate a user is online?
      Not in this incarnation of the site. My primary goal with this redesign was to clean up a lot of the "mess" that vBulletin installs by default. I wanted a site that was as sparse as possible and focused on content over (mostly frivolous) bells and whistles. That's why the blog listings, online light, and other information has been removed. I wanted to go even further with it but ran out of time (I was under some pretty intense deadlines with this redesign).
    1. powrwrap's Avatar
      powrwrap -
      Looks great on Firefox on my desktop PC monitor. Larger fonts, less clutter, just a cleaner, easier to read site. Thanks.

      But kind of wondering why avatars fade out towards the bottom...
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