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    Episode 25: AL Central & Cleavage (1/25/12)
    Aaron and John get interrupted by a drunk woman who want to show them her "Twins", but recover enough to talk about Kevin Slowey returning to the AL Central, Prince Fielder signing with the Tigers, Justin Morneau's health status, what to expect from the Tigers, White Sox, Indians, and Royals, and why re-signing Matt Capps keeps looking worse.

    Episode 24: Zumaya and Arbitration (1/18/12)
    Aaron and John are joined by special guest Nick Nelson and talk about the Joel Zumaya signing, Glen Perkins, Alexi Casilla, Francisco Liriano, and the arbitration process, Roy Oswalt rumors, Delmon Young's contract with the Tigers, Victor Martinez's injury, and looking back at the top Twins prospects of 2011.

    Episode 23: Mailbag 3 (1/11/12)
    Aaron and John open up the mailbag and take questions from readers about a wide range of topics including the payroll drop, what happens if Justin Morneau can't play, the search for righty relief, disliked players and the media, Danny Valencia's future, Levi Michael's timetable, and Moneyball.

    Episode 22: Marquis and Morris (1/4/12)
    Aaron and John talk about Jason Marquis filling out the rotation, whether the Twins will sign a right-handed reliever, Jack Morris' case for the Hall of Fame, Jose Mijares making more money elsewhere, the possibility of a dating podcast, and a 29th birthday.

    Episode 21: Mijares and Minor Moves (12/27/11)
    Aaron and John talk about Jose Mijares' departure, Bill Smith's return, Prince Fielder's likely home, waiving Jim Hoey, signing former top prospects to minor-league deals, slashing $15 million off the payroll, Jacque Jones' post-playing career, Joe Mauer's love life, and dieting tips from a fatboy.

    Episode 20: Willingham, Cuddyer and Kubel (12/21/11)
    Aaron and John talk about swapping Michael Cuddyer for Josh Willingham, Jason Kubel's departure, Christmas vs. Hanukkah, projecting the Twins' lineup, outfield defense, how to use the leftover payroll on pitching, a Ben Revere-Trevor Plouffe platoon, first impressions of Ricky Rubio, and what not to drink at a party.

    Episode 19: Three Amigos (12/13/11)
    Aaron and John are joined by special guest Seth Stohs/Minor League Guru (and Phil Loadholt, sort of) to talk about the good old days of blogging, Rule 5 pick Terry Doyle, the White Sox blowing things up, the over/under on Twins wins in 2012, Alexi Casilla vs. Luke Hughes vs. Trevor Plouffe, and a whole bunch of prospect stuff.
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    1. John Bonnes's Avatar
      John Bonnes -
      I gotta say, I'm with the person that questioned why Levi Michael isn't getting more attention. He seems like a younger version of Jamey Carroll. I really like that walk to strikeout ratio. ANyone have any idea where he'll start out? High A?
    1. John Bonnes's Avatar
      John Bonnes -
      I also am encouraged that he is a switch hitter. And since he throws with his right hand, I assume that's his natural batting side. Along with that patience, it sounds like a possible ideal #2 hitter.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Are you sure you don't mean Michael Levi? My assumption is that he will start in Ft. Myers, although if he's not 100% yet, he could start in EST.

      Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes View Post
      I gotta say, I'm with the person that questioned why Levi Michael isn't getting more attention. He seems like a younger version of Jamey Carroll. I really like that walk to strikeout ratio. ANyone have any idea where he'll start out? High A?
    1. Parker Hageman's Avatar
      Parker Hageman -
      A former teammate of mine in Legion ball wound up scouting for the Padres in the Carolinas the last few years. Said he watched a lot of games with Levi Michael and was very impressed with his skill set. Sent me the message "You guys got a legit player" when the Twins drafted him. Bourassa, the scout, also echoed what numerous people have said about him -- he's likely destined to be a second baseman.

      A few months ago when I did a preview of the 2012 draft, I had mentioned Devon Marrero - ASU's shortstop - and said that the Twins would benefit from selecting him as his defensive skills are far superior to those of Michael (and he produced well at a much tougher conference than Michael). Interestingly enough, Keith Law emailed me and added a few tidbits saying I was pretty much spot on with that assessment but that Michael was a "much better runner" than Marrero.

      Personally, if Marrero has a good collegiate showing this year, I would love to see the Twins pick him and have a Marrero-Michael middle infield combination in the minors.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Very interesting... I think I just started out being negative about Michael because he waited so long to sign, and for what, an extra $50,000? He could have signed in late June and got 3 months under his belt. He could have started next season in New Britain instead of Ft. Myers or Beloit. But as we've learned, he was really hurt and likely wouldn't have played anyway since he couldn't even play in the instructional league.

      I ranked Michael like 15th or so among Twins prospects due to that and because I just don't see a ton of upside. Doesn't mean it was a bad pick at #30. Especially when you consider that Law and Baseball America and a lot of scouting people had him ranked in the top 20 among all players available to be drafted. I'm actually very curious about where he'll start and how he does. Hopefully he's a Top 5 guy for me by mid season, or at least by the end of the season.
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