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  • What Now? A Minor League Offseason

    The season ended last week. It wasnít the way we all wanted it to finish, but overall it was successful. We won consistently throughout the year and gave ourselves an opportunity to advance in the playoffs. I hope everyone enjoyed following the Snappers in 2012. Thanks to everyone who cheered us on through this site, at games and through other avenues. It is really cool how much support we get in the minor leagues. I had a great time playing the game I love for nearly six months straight and meeting a number of amazing people.
    When the season ends we all say our goodbyes in clubhouse and head out the next day. For some of us it is a short drive home, for others it may take days on a plane to arrive at a final destination. I went to spring training with two duffel bags and returned home with at least three times that much stuff. Weird how that happens. I picked up a few bats from guys who couldnít fly them home-can never have enough lumber.

    And so the offseason began...

    I drove directly to Arden Hills to say hi at my fiancťe (Emily)ís bridal shower, the wedding is coming up! I got to catch the Vikings first game, glad they squeaked it out. On Sunday night, Emily and I headed back to Rochester, MN and the daily routine began.

    I typically drive Emily to work in the mornings around 6:30, quite a change from waking up around 10 everyday for a 7 oíclock game. Most of the day in the offseason is spent working out, writing/looking for more writing jobs, cleaning, getting groceries and cooking. I am also a Volunteer Assistant Coach for the baseball team at Rochester Community and Technical College. I try to make the days as productive as possible.

    I will start working out in the gym next week. I am trying to gain some muscle and weight this offseason. Continuing my routine of running, stretching and prehab from last offseason will hopefully prepare my body for another full season next year. Everything in the offseason follows a progression. Swinging gets a rest for a while and returns with dry swings, tee work, short toss and then full bp. Throwing takes a long break and a set program begins in January. The same is true for defensive work and workouts in the gym. Most activity ramps up and hits full stride just in time for Spring Training.

    Thanks again to everyone who followed along this season. I will continue to tweet about my adventures this fall and winter. Follow me-@apettersen1.
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    1. JB_Iowa's Avatar
      JB_Iowa -
      Thanks for the peeks at your life this season. Have a great off-season and congrats and best wishes on your marriage.
    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      Agreed, thanks for the write-ups.
    1. DAM DC Twins Fans's Avatar
      DAM DC Twins Fans -
      Yes, thanks for the updates over the season. Congrats on the upcoming wedding.
    1. roger's Avatar
      roger -
      A. J., congrats on a very nice season both for the team and you personally.

      I expect everything is a bit hectic right now with your big day rapidly approaching. Will you Dad be presiding over the ceremony?

      Have a great winter!
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