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Article: Twins Minor League Report: AFL Week 6

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 01:56 PM
It was about a week ago when the Minnesota Twins AFL team, the Salt River Rafters, clinched their spot in league championship game, but t...

Wily Mo Pena?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:51 PM
In my 40+ years of being a Twins' fan, this has to be one of the most perplexing rumors I've ever heard.... Why???   http://www.mlbt...

Willingham Will Retire

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:21 PM
Doogie posted it mid-summer. Mike Berardino posted it 6 weeks ago, but today, ESPN's Jerry Crasnick confirmed that Josh Willingham is goi...

Article: Twins Win Posting for Korean LHP Hyeon-Jong Yang

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:55 PM
UPDATE (Sun, 10:00 PM) - Beradino tweeted that the Yang's KBO team, the Kia Tigers, have not officially accepted the bid yet. Meanwhile,...

What would it take: Matt Kemp

More Baseball Today, 12:54 PM
To start out, I am not advocating for the Twins to trade for Matt Kemp, this thread is meant for conversation/debate/whatever.   It...



The Curse of the Trees

Posted by AM. in Blog AM., 23 November 2014 · 112 views

After the inaugural season at Target field, the Twins brass made the fateful decision to remove the 14 black spruce trees from centerfield. When viewed in retrospect, this decision, it seems clear, has placed a curse on the franchise. Consider:
The Twins won 58% of their games in the first season in which they called Target Field their home, including a...

Hot Stove League

Posted by curt1965 in curt1965's Blog, 23 November 2014 · 153 views

This is a fun time of year when everyone looks ahead to the possibilities of their team adding new personal by trades, free agency, or the farm system. The Twins and their fans are no different. If you are a re-building team (see Minnesota), this is a time for hope. New players, new coaching staff-everyone is excited.
Please tell me how Torii Hunter, Wi...

The first three weeks of the Off Season.

Posted by Secondary User in Twin's Organizational News, 22 November 2014 · 226 views

As a fan who's defended the Twins adamantly over the last four years, this start to free agency couldn't have been any more disheartening.

I'm very aware that the gears of major league rebuilds turn slowly, particularly when you look at where the Twins organization was after the 2011 season. I staunchly defended signings like Marquis, Correia, and Pelfr...

Episode 109: Life Without the (Pleiss) Twins

  Posted by Paul Pleiss in Beyond the Limestone, 21 November 2014 · 138 views

<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/19/ad/da/paulpleiss/1400x1400_10126373.jpg " alt="itunes pic" /><br />Jay and Cody chart a path through new territory as BOTH Eric and Paul sit out this week. Why? You must not have received the invite either.

While the Pleiss twins frolic around the Pacific northwest in a celebratory st...

Twins Minor League Report (AFL Week 6 and Final Recap): Kepler Finishes Season Strong

Posted by Steve Lein in The Hanging SL, 18 November 2014 · 404 views

It was about a week ago where the Minnesota Twins AFL team, the Salt River Rafters, clinched their spot in League Championship game, but they still had a few games left to play before that.

Eddie Rosario entered the season’s final week with a chance at a batting title, and two relief pitching prospects had yet to allow a run in a league play. How would t...

My 2015 Twins Off-Season Blueprint

Posted by Cody Christie in North Dakota Twins Fan, 17 November 2014 · 810 views
colby rasmus, justin masterson and 3 more...

My 2015 Twins Off-Season Blueprint There are plenty of ways to go about trying to fix the Twins team but some patience might be required as the club waits for some younger pieces to work their way through the minor leagues. The Twins Daily crew put out some solid information in the 2015 Offseason Handbook . One of the best parts to read about this document is the blueprint plans put togeth...

The Twins' Awful, Unrepeatable 2nd Half

Posted by James Richter in The Long View, 13 November 2014 · 689 views
twins, danny santana and 3 more...

The Twins' Awful, Unrepeatable 2nd Half At the All-Star break, the Twins were in decent shape, just 6 games under .500 and on pace to finish with a win total in the mid-70s that would have demonstrated clear progress in their rebuilding efforts. But they faltered out of the gate in the 2nd half, dropping 9 of 13 to finish July (the first 10 of which were at home). Now 11 under .500 and 11 game...

Danny Santana: Projecting Regression and Estimating Value

Posted by Sam Morley in Blog Sam Morley, 12 November 2014 · 708 views

Danny Santana: Projecting Regression and Estimating Value Danny Santana: Projecting Regression and Estimating Value

There has been occasional to frequent mention of the “fluke” seasonal performance of certain players; namely, Danny Santana and Eduardo Escobar- Brian Dozier in the not so distant past. Usually, the notion is raised within the contexts of position placement and possible trade packages. One recent...

Developing Yordano Ventura

Posted by jorgenswest in Blog jorgenswest, 11 November 2014 · 573 views

The Twins have been notoriously slow at moving pitchers through the system while they wait for consistency. I thought it might be interesting to see how some of other young pitchers moved through their systems. How about Yordano Ventura? Yordano Ventura and Alex Meyer both pitched in the Carolina League in 2012. Meyer started in low-A and arrived about th...

Trade for or Sign a starting pitcher...Which makes more sense

Posted by Brandon in Blog Brandon, 10 November 2014 · 631 views

When I look at all of the starting pitchers who are available for trade I can't help but think that is the best way for us to get a good starting pitcher that we want for our rotation. Its no secret we won't bother trying to sign Lester, Schertzer, or Shields. We probably wont go after Santana either since there are not many options on the open market i...

Paul Molitor: Spanish-speaking Players Expected to Learn English

Posted by GoGonzoJournal in The Go Gonzo Journal Twins Blog, 06 November 2014 · 847 views
paul molitor, terry ryan, spanish and 1 more...

Paul Molitor: Spanish-speaking Players Expected to Learn English I have just two problems with answers new Minnesota Twins manager Paul Molitor gave in response to fan questions in a recent interview. First, he said he'd like his nickname to be spelled ‘Mollie,” citing that it looks more masculine, but I suggested his nickname be Paulie, as in a guy named Paul from St. Paul and the big sign in center field featuring a...

My Offseason Plan

Posted by tobi0040 in tobi0040's Blog, 05 November 2014 · 717 views

Here is my off-season plan.

What am I trying to accomplish?

-Being realistic with payroll, both on dollars and years

-Improve the team this year and in the near future

-Keep key positions open for guys like Sano and Buxton, and allow young pitchers to emerge.

-Address our real needs of OF defense and starting pitching

Starting Rotation

The Twins ra...

Arizona Fall League - Pictures

Posted by SD Buhr in SD Buhr/Jim Crikket, 04 November 2014 · 328 views

A couple days ago, I posted several videos I shot at the Arizona Fall League games I attended last week. Today, you get still pictures. I wish I had had an opportunity to get more pictures of Jones, Adam and Rogers, but I only saw Jones pitch once and chose to shoot a video rather than try to get pictures through the netting, Adam didn't pitch at all in t...

Paul Molitor hired as new Manager of the Minnesota Twins

Posted by TwinsTakes-RD in TwinsTakes.com Blog on TwinsDaily.com - Our Takes, Your Takes, TwinsTakes.com!, 04 November 2014 · 219 views
paul molitor, manager, twins way and 2 more...

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p style="text-align: center;">BREAKING: The <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/MNTwins?src=hash">#MNTwins</a> to name Paul Molitor as new manager tomorrow at 10 a.m. CT press conference! <a href="http://t.co/nnv04Ju6Rc">pic.twitter.com/nnv04Ju6Rc</a>...

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!

Posted by stringer bell in stringer bell's Blog, 31 October 2014 · 649 views
guardado, escobar, hicks, schafer

I just checked today's AFL game and Eddie Rosario got a double in his first at-bat. We Twins fans shouldn't get too worked up about minor league baseball played in Arizona in October and November. However, there isn't much else Twins related to follow, so all of a sudden it becomes important that Eddie Rosario is hitting .400 in off-season ball.

Having s...

The Impact of Arbitration

Posted by glp_vt in The Mauer Hauer, 31 October 2014 · 302 views

The Impact of Arbitration “Each year, the Twins have a group of players who are under team control but have accumulated enough major-league service time to be arbitration eligible. This means that the player and his agent have a say in the matter of compensation. Both the club and player submit figures that they believe will be fair, and then the two sides typically reach a compro...

Bold Predictions for the Twins Offseason

Posted by jtkoupal in Blog jtkoupal, 30 October 2014 · 754 views

1. Paul Molitor Will Be the Next Twins Manager

OK, maybe this is not that bold, but it is most likely going to happen. He has received nothing but compliments from Gardy and some players, so let's hope he is the guy.

2. The Twins Will Sign Either Justin Masterson or Brandon McCarthy

Pitching, pitching, pitching.... That has been problem number 1 the...

If the Twins were Scotches

Posted by PeanutsFromHeaven in Peanuts from Heaven, 28 October 2014 · 282 views
scotch bet, eduardo escobar and 3 more...

After our second year of watching and gambling on Twins baseball, we Peanuts from Heaven had our annual pay-off dinner/drinking fest at the St. Paul Grill, aligning perfectly with Game One of the World Series. And while Stinky bemoaned Alcides Escobar's lousy pitch selection (seriously, three pitches up by his eyes? I mean...who does he think he is, Delmo...

Steinbach in '96. How Do You Explain It?

Posted by Teflon in Blog Teflon, 22 October 2014 · 554 views

I was watching the excellent ESPN 30-for-30 feature on the Earthquake Series of 1989 and in recalling various players on that Oakland A’s team, was again struck by how far off the charts Terry Steinbach’s 1996 was from any other season in his career at the advanced-for-baseball age of 34. Steinbach slugged 35 homeruns that season after never hitting more...

Let's Just Roll With What We Have

Posted by RealTwinsFan357 in Random Thoughts About Baseball, 18 October 2014 · 586 views

It may mean a bunch of losses in 2015, but the Twins need to use their next season to evaluate what they have. Next off-season, they can look at the trade and free agent market and search for a way to supplement their 25-man roster, but for now, they need to commit to the youth movement. I'll take a look at the players who deserve an extended look in eac...

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